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Hatching Chickens with a Primary School Class - Help please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by SmileySmiley, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I've done this for 2 years running now and I love it! However we get them from a farm on day 18 and we watch them until day 21. I always see pipping and hear chirping by day 20 and have always had at least 1 chick by day 21 however Iv had some hatch on day 22 and one last year hatched early on day 23. Unfortunately last year I only had 6 of the 12 enngs hatch where as the previous year I had a 100% success rate.

    I'm not sure what advice I can offer. Have you seen any movement as this usually comes 1st...the eggs wobble, only slightly but they definately do. Then the chirping then the pipping. if they have been knocked repeatedy of violently this could affect the hatch rate. let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi Doodles,
    I have done it two years running now too.
    I have been regularly candling the eggs, and the embryos are still alive inside today. No sign of pipping though. I rang the farm, and they hinted that they could be duck eggs, and after doing some research, I am more convinced that they are! I just find it a bit maddening that the farm I got them from doesn't know which type of eggs I have! One of the children suggested they were dinosaur eggs today when we talked about it!
  3. Hi
    I would like to do this next year but have never done it before and have no idea how
    Where do you get the eggs?
    Is it like an incubator kit?
    Do they smell?
    How much doe it cost?
    Hope you can help


  4. HA ha, I think u need a new farm!!!
    Well Im not sure about how long duck eggs take, i would assume longer!

    New green teacher, I get my eggs from LivingEggs (search on google). They provide everything. They come on the specified day, set up the incubator, give u instructions and leave u to it. they provide everything including the brooder, feeder and chick crumb, water dispencer and sawdust. It's quite pricey but well worth it for 2 weeks of smiling faces.

    They do smell a bit when in the brooder n I clen mine out every other day which is a pain but again, worth it.

    Look it up, and have fun.

  5. Thanks Doodles
    It looks FAB but I cannot find a guide price
    Can anyone gie me a clue?

  6. £295 including VAT if I remember rightly. Thats for one kit which is 10 eggs but we had 12 last year!
    If you get more than 1 kit the second and third etc...are cheaper in price though not by much and to be hinest you dont really need more than one kit. We had one kit in a school of almost 600 children.
    Its great. I used the last half hour of every day for 2 whole weeks to write an egg diary. We literally went from dat one when they arrived to day 14 whent hey went home. I took the chicks home for the weekend and took pictures so the children could write about what they did at weekend and we did something witht hem every day like put them in the middle of a circle and watched them flapping about. The 1st day the children held them was magical, their faces lit up. We took them outside on the grass and watched them running around while we all sat in a circle and enclosed them.
    It's a great experience and i can't wait to get mine agin in a few weeks! Though i shall have to watch my cat this year, she got rather inquisitive over the brooder last year!

    Have fun, Doodles
  7. Turns out they are duck eggs! One of the farmers came and candled them today - definitely ducks!
  8. Fantastic! Baby ducks instead of chicksm even cuter I think!
    WOW £40 is cheap (LOL cheap). I have used the Living Eggs Programme a few times and have never been let down by them. We only had a 50% hatch rate last year but we still had 6 chicks. Also, you get apassword for their internet sight which has a lot of chick and chicken related activitys and activity ideas to use with the class and the school.

    A petting zoo is a good idea though. Whatever you decide to do, have fun.

  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We've hatched ducklings the last two years and it's about a week longer than for chicks (26-28 days)
  10. lily_the_pink

    lily_the_pink New commenter

    I'm from a town in Essex which is counted as London fringe. I don't want to specify because I want to be able to post freely about anything on here.

    We had 20 eggs, 14 were fertile, 11 hatched. The children loved it, and we're talking about middle primary here.


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