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Has Renaissance disappeared?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by merlin2, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. wetbaguette..you need drying out mate!!
  2. Me thinks you protests too much Mis-fit, Sunderland and Ifeelsick. Which one of you is married to the man in question?

    Given that this is a forum for opinion, I think prospective teachers would be interested in the views of us teacher gals in the bars of saigon. They can then consider all sides and make a choice. Teachers who have just signed up for two years at the R school and need to justify their decision to everyone including themselves are not likely to give an unbiased and objective view of the school.

    One very interesting fact that regular readers will notice is that when a good school is attacked on this forum by a disgruntled individual nobody at the school feels the need to respond. They know they are good, they know they are trusted and are able to rise above and sometimes even accept the criticism. It is only the less good schools that feel they need to respond by attacking the poster and in this case another school. Kinda says alot about you lot I guess.

    I teach at one of the other saigon schools but mix with other teachers socially. I have no axe to grind, but thought an alternative view to some of the gushing comments from interested parties might be of use to teachers outside of vietnam. I am only repeating gossip, but from people who have worked with him at his previous school. Your version of events is not shared by them Furthermore you would not have even been in the country when all of this occured - I was.

    It was widely talked about at the time that he left school and went to work at the office of his new job each evening - not the action of an honourable and professional man. Has anyone met a Head who doesn't need to spend evenings doing just one job well. His teachers never saw him during the last two terms when this was going on. Probably catching up on his sleep. Several teachers I know were interviewed by him during half term in London for his new school while still working for his old one - conflict of interest or what! These are facts not gossip or opinion. What is surprising is that he got to Easter.

    I am also assured by my gals that his wife was the only overseas teacher who followed him. I have no idea about any local employees. The street rumours this year is that the school is offering the highest salaries in saigon which may explain the claimed applications from previous employees.

    Anyway - the point has been made and I am sure the R stooges will need to have a final word. I await the comment with baited boredom.

  3. OMG. Not catch 22!
  4. yeah, i know, we're clearly no match for thaibride's rhetoric. dammit, and i really did want to justify myself to some total stranger gossip queen... guess we'll just have to leave him to his highly evident boredom, eh?
  5. Perhaps this thread should read:
    "Has Renaissance appeared?"
  6. snarl.......... i love this b*tching thing, can we carry it on a bit longer, most entertaining.
    thing is moving to a new position is always a bit of a leap of faith anyway and any one place isnt going to suit everybody. shall we accept that thaibride is a miserable git and probably has a sad old life with 'his gals' ha ha ha in his dreams baby
    lets take this down a level or two, enough posturing and lets say what we really mean.............. x
  7. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Weren't they a one-hit-wonder band with a song called "Northern Lights"?
  8. Hi Miss-fit!

    Can you honestly still say this??? (that is if you are still with Renaissance!)

    "Renaissance is so far a lovely place to work, with great kids and on the whole supportive, positive colleagues. Yes there are challenges, that's inevitable with a new school, but also lots of opportunities - if you have the attitude to take them, in which case don't be put off by the likes of Thaibride, for whom it's clearly all a bit too much like effort."

    While it is true that the school has great kids with great teachers.... the OWNERS OF THE SCHOOL (the Board of Directors!!!!) made this school go down the drain! Pity all the efforts of its HOS and teachers who worked hard to make the school one of the best schools in Saigon. Now it has become the WORST international school in Vietnam!

    RISS owners, you can never beat your competitors -- your management style is a s_ _t!
  9. What is RISS like nowadys compared to BIS? Interested in workload, district,management and staff morale
  10. frees1spirit

    frees1spirit New commenter

    I work in Saigon and am leaving my school in August. As there was a job opening I did some research on this school.
    Most of the teachers I have gotten feedback from seem okay with the head, it is the Vietnamese owners that are the cause of the trouble there. They seem to think it is time they made back the money they invested. One teacher thought they were trying to sell the school if they could.
    I did not bother to apply to the school as most of the secondary staff seem to be leaving this year. Also the department I would be going into will only have new teachers next year.
    Having said that the pay is very good and you would be able to save a lot as it is so cheap here. The classes in primary are about 30 kids but in secondary the classes are very small. The kids are supposed to be wonderful.
    BIS has a good reputation.

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