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Has Renaissance disappeared?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by merlin2, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. It is a pity this thread has disappeared as there were a lot of positive comments about the school which was very valuable as it seems hard to find some info about it as it is a new school.
    I'd be grateful for any more info from people who work there or know the school.
  2. It is a pity this thread has disappeared as there were a lot of positive comments about the school which was very valuable as it seems hard to find some info about it as it is a new school.
    I'd be grateful for any more info from people who work there or know the school.
  3. pixel

    pixel New commenter

    It will be removed again. TES don't allow schools to be mentioned by name.
  4. I don't think the TES removed it without a request from a school official.
    At least 2 other schools in Asia are still clearly referred to in the title of threads!

    I too would like to find out more about this new school...I currently work at another school in HCMC and have put in an application....but there's so much that I can't get my head around....
    Help appreciated!
  5. I know the College very wellin fact I have applied. TES remove forums when a school is mentioned by name. (even if its very positive)
    I would go to the website which is full of information and its philosophy
  6. josephpeter...it think you a referring to a school in HK whislt the OP is referring to a new school in HCMC, Viet Nam
  7. oops..whilst!!! would not want the spell check police to descend on me in force!!
  8. i am working there at the moment and am enjoying it! the head is approachable and the staff team positive and motivated. it is a new school so is interesting and challenging with a lot of good ideas for its future. so far it is a very enjoyable job and i am sure it will continue to be so.
    hope this helps
  9. Thanks Kittyurmston,

    It's great to hear positive comments from people whio are currently working there and it's been good to see many positive posts.
  10. It hasn't received many positive posts.

    New, unproven, buildings not finished and a cash cow for a local Vietnamese business family.

    Typical of many new schools promise lots and deliver little.

    Head very nice but ineffectual. Jumped before he was pushed from his last post.

    Not recommended. Don't be sucked in by a flash web site.
  11. Yes it has actually, the last thread was just deleted, that's all. While this one is here, I shall state again, the school has achieved massive accomplishments since it's beginning, all is go for the new building in January, staff are positive on the whole and hard working, lus the students are avery happy bunch. Up to a 100 already and ever expanding. Great challenge and lots of backing. Take your axe and grind it somewhere else please, you do not represent us or the true state of affairs. It's a shame.
  12. Thaibride if you had bothered to look, you would have seen many positive posts in reply to your original negative one in the deleted thread. As I said then, Thaibride is clearly one of those who are to be found in any school, negative toward every aspect of life and generally not to be heeded by the sensible. Renaissance is so far a lovely place to work, with great kids and on the whole supportive, positive colleagues. Yes there are challenges, that's inevitable with a new school, but also lots of opportunities - if you have the attitude to take them, in which case don't be put off by the likes of Thaibride, for whom it's clearly all a bit too much like effort.
  13. Thaibride...I hear you...I agree with you....
    If you look at the welshman's track record....you see through the smile...
    Believe me I was used by him....perhaps those teachers at the school in Saigon need a realty check?!
    Keep on the forum..


  14. Miss-fit - I was indeed incorrect in my judgement of the smiling welshman in my last post. The Saigon bar talk tells me he was in fact pushed before he jumped.

    Very reliable sources say his last contract was terminated one term early without any explanation to the parents, children or teachers. No farewell, just empty your office and go.

    My comments urging caution seem justified.
  15. Aaaahhhh gossip and talk.
  16. thaibride...

    Have you considered it maight have been that the owners of the british school (not exactly known for their magnanimous acts of charity) no longer wanted to employ the future founding head of the new rival school?


    explain why several staff at the "welshman's" old school are seeking employment at his new school for the coming academic year...

    as Sunderland says...bar talk and tittle-tattle, and people with axes that desperately need sharpening...
  17. and yes...i realise i added an 'a' to might...blimey!!!
  18. It's common knowledge his contract was terminated early - because, as ifeelsick quite rightly points out, he had accepted a post setting up what his old employer perceives as a rival school. that employer subsequently treated other staff moving with him to the new school (and that was, as ifeelsick also points out and which we would do well to consider, a very large number of staff) quite badly. you want to try a new bar for your talk mate.
  19. I know not of British School staff
    I know not of Renaissance staff
    I worked with him in a previous life
    If you want to be a doormat, work for this clown
    Likable but not a manager


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