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Has Michael Gove sounded the death knell for Business Studies

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by larrythelobster, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Found this brilliant article on Tutor2u earlier today. Mandatory reading for HoD's, Co-Ordinators, PGCE students and anyone contemplating coming into teaching. The points raised in the article are depressingly accurate. The future for business education in a lot of schools is bleak.


  2. wine_man

    wine_man New commenter

    I predict we will see a drop off in Business Studies A-Level and GCSE as a subject. I doubt much will change for the vocational business courses as many of the students who take these courses are unlikely to gain A*-C in History or Geograpy. Maybe head teachers will finally get the finger out and start challenging ludicrous government policies.
    Right, I'm off to ask for some History on my timetable next year or to learn Italian.........
  3. On the other hand, most students these days seem to take about 11 or 12 subjects at GCSE. The Bac includes only 5, so that still leaves 6 other subjects from which students can choose Business subjects.
  4. It does seem somewhat quixotic. Economics is a good, solid academic subject. I teach in a school where we cover Yr 9 Enterprise, Btec, GCSE and A level Business, Accountancy and Economics, GCSE Business and Communications, Travel and Tourism and a Certificate and Diploma in Finance. We are very successful.
    Does the Conservative Government not want Economists and Accountants? Maybe this is a 'cunning plan' to ensure there is no-one around capable of analysing bankers bonuses!
  5. Yes, but the real issue is not just numbers but timetabling and other contemporary issues. As the article states:

    1) Many schools are not offering separate sciences (which take up more periods)
    2) The majority of faith schools will require a GCSE in RS
    3) There are many schools with huge vocational departments which will now add little to the bottom line of a schools results (the 'high five' bacc described in the article- these departments (inc. Business) are going to have to fight harder to survive, justify their existence and gain student numbers.
    4) This will be more difficult given the soft status of Business Studies which will be officially confirmed by universities later this year (at govt request for transparency) - this will also hit A level numbers to some extent.
    5) Add to the above, that many schools do not offer 11-12 discrete GCSE's - those with more than 10 , tend to emerge ith a clutch of BTEC's and Applied GCSE's to bolster their number.

    I thought the article was excellent and well balanced - I see aspects of it already in my own school and talking to staff in other centres they felt it was pretty much bang on.

    Another thing to consider is how much timetable time will be given over to bac subjects at the expense of those non bac subjects so as to secure school success against target? (this has been evident in Maths and English whose timetable allocations have grown hugely in recent years in response to targets)

    There are only so many hours in the day and schools will prioritise and elevate those things which help it meet 'magi ' targets - it used to be GNVQ, then BTEC, then Eng and Maths and now its the Bac - and Business Studies has no part to play - therefore the consequences may be grim for some. I think the article captured this really well.

  6. CanLah

    CanLah New commenter

    As an overseas teacher looking to come back and looking at TES with some 65 opportunities currently has there been much impact from all of this or is it about to happen? If this is also allied to the "soft"A levels should I develop extra skills or new subjcts?

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