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Has it kicked in yet?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by foxtail3, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I have slept like a baby for two weeks. Last night, the school dreams started and I watched the (rather lovely) Moon at 4.40am this morning, followed by sunrise a couple of hours later. Seven weeks of broken sleep follow...........
  2. yeah - mine's a sleep thing too - i've done the awake-from-2-till-4 thing for the last 2 nights -but that's partly purely physical - the thought i can no longer lie in bed till i wake up naturally
    oh *********
  3. I'm retired! You work for my pension.Ha ha
  4. I'm semiretired. I took my pension early. I've been doing casual supply and really enjoying it. But like a fool I accepted a long term maternity cover for this coming term. During the holidays my mum, who has advanced dementia, had a fall so she has now come to live with me. I do NOT need to be working right now. It is stressing me out already. But I may actually find that working is a blessed relief from caring for mum so we'll see. I know I'll be worrying about her even though my husband will look after her brilliantly all day.
  5. Sadly, yes it has kicked in. I just opened my e mails (ill advised I know), to send someone something and checked one or two. I just realised something I have to prepare for is due on Tuesday and not next week as I had expected. The e mail was sent at 9am, today - why not before the holidays when I can actually do something about it?! In any case, what is ready will be ready and what is not, will not be. Here comes the stress again.... how many hands did you say I have?
  6. roseangel - that's a horrid position to be in - hope you can make it work
  7. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    Yes it's horrid isn't it? I only work part time while my children are litle and in two lovely very local schools, I do PPA and NQT cover mainly so not too much stress and I do look forward to my days off with my two. Thankfully i don't work on Mondays as the Monday feeling is one of the worst. Just means I get Tuesday feeling instead! Was also lucky enough to be contracted so summer pay too! Roll on next bank hol...
  8. How was everyone's first day back? I'd lost my temper with a class by 930am and felt like crying at least twice. Oh, and my 45 min journey to work took 2 hours. All in all a rubbish start to term.
  9. Mine wasn't a first day back because I've escaped and so don't get the long holidays. Still, I slept well, the journey to work took 4 minutes, no one lost their temper and I've had a good laugh today.
    I recommend escape. Resign, go on supply (and find a part-time income if possible, e.g. from a hobby), then get a job away from teaching. That's how I did it.
  10. I'd love to but doubt I'd afford the mortgage. Rock and hard place come to mind. Anyway, bed time again - another 530am start.
  11. bristolmover

    bristolmover New commenter

    Thought reality would slap me hard in the face after the most wonderful hols to date - went to Seattle and Vancouver with old freinds for a wedding then came home and announced my engagement to family who were all over the moon...
    Think I'm still riding the high as yesterday was totally bearable... but I'm already counting the weeks... I'm doing a maternity cover and it's tough, can't wait for it to be over!
  12. C'mon, peeps, it's the Summer Term! Years 11 and 12 slope off on study leave in three weeks' time, so I lose a third of my timetable-yay! Means- for a very short time- you can get all the preparation, paperwork and marking done during the school day, and can do external exam marking in the evenings; good for summer holidays...Everyone have a good term.
  13. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    I lost my temper early yesterday morning and spent avery stressful morning with an advisor today. Looked at data for AGES and couldn't put a positive spin on it! Really struggling to see the positives at the moment.
  14. No such luck in primary with exam leave :(
  15. Or me. I have no sixth form and no current yr 11 exam group. Best I can hope for is that I get 2 weeks when yr 10 go on work experience without doing a cover. I know there are rules but that means jack all and we all know it. Still, today was a little better.

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