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Has ********** gone away?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by vancie, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. mrstax
    do you actually work wiht children?
    Will you feel comfortable in a school full of Sparkle box images displayed and used everywhere, knowing someone who has ruined childrens lives is responsible.
    Do you not think we owe it to children to make a stand and remove these symbols?
    Everytime I look at my connective doors now I feel very unhappy for the children everywhere who are abused and nobody knows its happening to them.
    How satisfying for a convicted sex pervert that his publications are in most schools acorss the land and a christmas box office film called nativity had ********** everywhere - he must be laughing his head off.
    ...if its true of course .
    sad world

    mrstax opinion , which i know many will agree wiht leaves me feeling a bit uncomfortable.

  2. Well, at school at 7, leave at 6... dinner and working from 8-10pm and most of the weekend. Classrooms may be full of the same resources but exactly when am I supposed to make them all myself? Who is going to give me the training on creating them? Yep, I could buy them off primaryresources or another site but I have spent £200 so far this year on resources, why should I spend more money and time on a job I love but takes up more money and time than anything else in my life! Maybe the problem is that! No one else is making great clipart. There is no money for training and resources and too much pressure to be ticking boxes constantly!

  3. Oh well, that's all right then.
  4. Shalala ..as I said I couldn't see anyone begin 'told off' no-one was being 'told off', that is your interpretation not my intention.
  5. Thanks for the link Brenden.
    Horrifying isn't it?!
  6. A lot of the of the video is greatly exaggerated. Sam never had access to "all your data" and social networks do not automatically give everyone your personal information unless you deliberately give your personal information to the social networks.
  7. This is why the whole CRB check thing is so ridiculous - he had simply changed his name to avoid detection. The Soham thing was the same - he had used different names and not actually been charged with offences although they 'knew' about him. Finally the Nursery worker in the mobile phone abuses case had been CRB checked but never caught. But we still have to tell helpers and visitors that they have to do the checks - it's embarassing and so much hassle - only the kids miss out - we just don't do trips or little visits any more now. Ah well.

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