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Has ********** gone away?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by vancie, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. I would like to thank you all for bringing this to our attention. My LEA certainly had no idea and until very recently was encouraging the use of the site. Chances are very few of us outside the LEA directly involved would have ever known if it wasn't for this forum!
  2. gillian2974

    gillian2974 New commenter


    I was really shocke dto learn of this during my Christmas holidays and as the poster above says I would never have known about it if it wasnt for the forum and being snowed in during the hols! When I shared the news with my colleagues none of them knew either a and Im not sure how many people North of the border are aware as I havent seen in mention of it in the Scotland section. Anyone know how to do a link and add it?

  3. i had no idea about all this! i thought it was just me who couldn't access the new resources.
    SB has been running for years - why hasn't it been picked up/banned earlier?!
  4. i had no idea about all this - i thought it was just me who couldn't access new resources.
    why hasn't SB been picked up/banned earlier?!
  5. Like Msz, I have certainly never raved about ********** resources in the past. In fact, I seem to recall voicing my dislike of the materials and their overuse in Early Years and Key Stage One classes.
    My opinion on the quality and usefulness of the materials has not changed at all. Neither has the fact that I find many classrooms I have visited over the last 2-3 years have become garishly overbearing thanks to the use of the materials downloaded and printed from **********.
    Anyway, whatever people's opinions of the quality of the resources, I hope the fact that their creators discpicable nature is now out there in the public domain means that they now stop using the website and begin to remove the resources from their classrooms.
  6. Wow ! Elementis you amaze me how have you have able to find out this. Have past this onto other forums.
  7. Well spot, Elementis. His last name is Kinge and he changed it from Daniel to Samuel some time after his first arrest. Michelle2006, it was only picked up recently because the guy committed and admitted to a second offence only recently.
  8. I have decided to pull all available information together to answer some common questions regarding the information we have on the incident.


    Please let me know if I've missed anything.
  9. Thank you for the information you have gathered. I too am shocked and saddened. It was a good site- I know there is reference to schools all lookiong similarly 'sparkleboxed! What a waste. The resources did make a difference to children's learning as well as staff time to put materials together.
  10. Have cut and pasted a copy of your writeup Brenden to save people continually clicking through to your site Brenden - don't want you getting rich too LOL.
  11. I took all of the advertisements off my website and I don't sell anything. It doesn't make me any money.
  12. Plus I am going to be updating it as new information comes to light. Hey, I guess the time over there is about midday now, his sentencing was today so hopefully we should hear the news by tomorrow?
  13. Thank you for putting all that together Brenden. Sentencing was toda. Does anyone know how he got on or where we can get the information from?
  14. OFFS can we not trust anyone these days??? What is wrong with people?
    Rant over... and breathe [​IMG]
  15. I think what this guy has done is flaming awful trust me. However, he would never have made so many resources if people on this forum and others had not asked him to do so. I have read so many pleas over the years from people saying 'please can you make .....' etc etc. Are they all going to pull down and throw away these resources? I doubt it.
    And for the record, does anyone still listen to Gary Glitter records, or watch Roman Polanski films. Probably. Maybe we should all stop doing that as well.

  16. I don't listen to GG any more or watch anything by Polanski, and haven't for a long time.

    I also didn't think there was anything wrong with using the resources before we knew who was making them; we are all time poor and many of us are not au fait with technology. Why shouldn't we seek help elsewhere?
  17. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    I doubt any GG songs are played on the radio anymore.
    cant really comment on Polanski, but lets face it, high profile people who take a tumble like this never crawl their way back..and good riddence.
  18. http://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/local/4845271.Ex_schoolteacher_jailed_over_child_porn_pictures/

    this is the report in the local paper.

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