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Has anyone used rising stars?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by littlemisspractical, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. We recently got the rising stars assessment CD Roms. I have only used the maths one so far with my year 1 class for my mid-year assessments but I found the results that came out were really high for some children, for example one child came out as a 2b when I know they are a 1a moving into a 2c.

    Has anyone else found this?
  2. We recently got the rising stars assessment CD Roms. I have only used the maths one so far with my year 1 class for my mid-year assessments but I found the results that came out were really high for some children, for example one child came out as a 2b when I know they are a 1a moving into a 2c.

    Has anyone else found this?
  3. are they Rigby stars? we use them they're great
  4. Yes, sorry they must be Rigby!

    Okay I just wanted to check whether it was just me!
  5. I use them for my year 1's ( the numeracy ones ) and I agree that the marking scale is somewhat generous! However, with this in mind, I still find them quite useful for the level 1 children. The SATS level 1 paper is worse than useless for levelling children, at least Rising Stars splits them between sublevels. As long as you use them in conjunction with teacher assessments I don't think they actually do any harm ( and my children LOVE to do them!)
  6. Yep my class enjoyed it too!

    Some have come out accurate, but yes I have found them quite generous!

    Thank you!
  7. I agree about the maths ones being generous. What does anyone think of the science papers? I think they are too hard for Y1 and to be honest I can't see much point in doing them. with maths and english ones you can use them to see which areas children are struggling with and thus they help with planning. With science I struggle to see who it benefits doing the tests. I'd be interested to hear other people's views on this
  8. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    We are evaluating Science ones. I think the language is too confusing for our children and don't like them - we are supposed to get a level after each unit - not necessary in my opinion.
  9. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Use for maths and science and not very impressed. Results are too high for maths and science Qs are not always very well worded.
  10. We're using rising stars for science at the moment and have to level children for each unit. I've found the wording to be ambiguous so us a bit of teacher license for marking. Not sure about the grades - I would say the levels for science are quite accurate although I've also read that they're too hard for science. We're trialling it as science is weak and OFSTED could revisit. Our LA advisor actually likes this scheme.
  11. not what I was thinking of which are reading books!! sorry!
  12. dUNNO WHAT RIGBY STARS ARE BUT WE HAVE (sorry) used Rising Stars across the school and all found they are too hard and scoring too high.

    Just done year 6 tests and compared to last years SATs, which scored much higher than Rising Stars.
  13. we have just bought maths and english for KS1 and have used the maths already. the results appear ok esp for giving sub levels to year 1 children and showing progression which is really what we bought them for. would be interested to hear what others think. dont think there is much on the market and they seem up to date rather than dated ( thinking of the english)
    we aim to use them to show progression and as a summative assessment rather than settting the assessment levels in stone. the diagnostic bit is also useful to see where children are making errors or in for loong at how they approach maths although this has only been possible in very small groups.
  14. Oh My GOD!

    We have just used Rising Stars for the first time and several of my children have fallen an entire level in reading compared to optional qca tests done in december.

    Maths didn;t fair much better.

    I daren;t even mark the writing.

    I feel totally poop - have I been standing there talking to myself since xmas?
  15. Hi Caldred,

    We have used the Rising Stars assessments in KS2 and I was gutted to find out that in Numeracy, most of my middle ability children (working 2a/3c at the start of the year) came out in the low level 2s. We binned the Reading assessments that we did in the first half term and redid the whole thing at Christmas. It was awful!

    We're hoping for better results soon!
  16. Hi there. I work for Rising Stars and am on this thread gathering feedback for our Rising Stars Assessment products.

    Just wanted to let you know that in response to the comments posted here, and feedback from trialling schools, we updated our Rising Stars Assessment materials (English, Maths and Science) in 2008. We are also bringing out new updated editions this year.

    Many thanks to all who left comments - they are really useful to help us to understand what teachers need.

    If anyone has any further feedback after using RS Assessment, I am happy to provide an email address.
  17. Pippi

    Pippi New commenter

    If you want feedback, I use them with Y1 (occasionally) and not only do I find them rather over generous (especially with the higher achievers levels) but the layout is confusing. They coud do with different fonts used to differentiate between the text and questions, or the questions and the yes/no to be ticked etc. Where there are e.g. numbers to be put in order, these should look as if they are on cards, or stand out from the question in some way.
  18. edulou

    edulou New commenter

    Hi there,

    A Year 4 Teacher here.

    We've just used the Rising Stars assessments for maths and reading across the school - I'm afraid all staff in all key stages said they are far too difficult compared to other tests we have tried.

    For example, one maths paper contained division of fractions, which is not covered in Year 4 at all. It also asked for the compact method of multiplication, which in our calculation policy is not taught until Year 5.

    There were also too many questions for the time given on the reading paper, as well as questions with ambiguity e.g. one question said:

    Explain what 'slanted' means:

    The answer scheme said that the children had to say specifically that the rays of the sun mentioned in the text were shining at an angle. My colleagues and I all interpreted the question as requiring a generic response e.g. 'slanted means 'at an angle'.

    Thank you for considering my feedback.

    -Primary School Teacher
  19. intime

    intime New commenter

    I agree with other posters - they are too hard. A shame, as I had high hopes, but not fair to children or teachers to give them an assessment which is too challenging

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