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Has anyone taught BTEC Tech Award in Art and Design Practice?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by dingo73, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. dingo73

    dingo73 New commenter

    My LM and head are saying that as an Academy we are being left behind due to not doing the
    BTEC Tech Award in Art and Design Practice
    I have been told that many AET academy's are choosing to do this but the first one I spoke to said they aren't!
    I am very experienced in the Art and Photo GCSE courses, Edexcel mostly, but haven't taught any Btec's for years. I need to know about how different the planning will be, how much paperwork is required that differs to GCSE, the main differences from a GCSE which is embedded in my head. Is there any clear advantage for changing? Has it been proven that it's easier to do? Our students are low to middle ability mostly, with a sprinkling of HAT's.
    Its been suggested that my current yr 10's start ASAP even though my staff have not had any training! We will have to run a Photog and Art course as that is what students have chosen. I am trying to get away from having to as I know it will stress me and my dept out.
    I have done some research into it but would like to hear from anyone who has experience teaching it please.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    As a parent, I might be rather unimpressed if the qualification my child was doing was changed after their options were chosen, let alone after the start of the year. I would expect there to be some sort of information evening, at which the reasons for the change would be clearly justified, and not "because other schools are doing it". I'd also want to know about the experience/training the department has in delivering it.
    Starting now, you might have time to research properly, attend some training and/or visit other schools doing it, and make a reasoned decision in time for the options information for the next cohort.

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