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Has Anyone Read This Book?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Shifter, Mar 27, 2016.

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  1. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    I find this book very eerily disturbing

    • It is not a Holocaust Denial - but it refutes the common historical 'fact' of six million dead, murdered in Concentration Camps
    • The Germans were not equipped to murder on an industrial scale
    • No historical evidence of gas chambers
    • No archaeological evidence of mass graves
    • The first concentration camps liberated were in the Soviet sector - so Russia demonised Germany in retaliation for being blamed for the Katyn massacres. Russia later admitted the murders of Polish officers and intelligencia.
    • Evidence given at the Nuremberg trial and later trials, was obtained using torture, the witness in some cases vanished after giving evidence
    • Camps were built to supply workers at factories to serve the war effort
    • Showers and baths at camps were just that - showers
    All this is evidenced from Primary sources and witness statements.

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  2. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    It sounds like holocaust denial to me.
  3. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Holocaust denial is apparently illegal - I found it disturbing
  4. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    He's a Holocaust denier.
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    As my godfather was one of the British soldiers who liberated Bergen-Belsen, he would have refuted many of those comments about 'no evidence'.He's no longer alive to do but did talk to me about it.
    Plus having German relations I once asked them what they 'knew' about the concentration camps. They live quite near Bergen-Belsen and all schoolchildren have to visit the memorial site there. The answer was yes they heard rumours, but it was like the 'elephant in the room',everyone was afraid to mention it and confront the possibility. With the SS and mass suspicion they were afraid if they 'knew' it to be true that they would suffer as a consequence of wanting to do something about it.
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  6. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    This Amazon review might be one of the best I've ever read... and sadly it's too long for a TES post.

    LINK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-rev...ll_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent

    Rarely have I encountered a narrative as relentlessly contemptuous of diligence, truth and scholarship as it is brazen in its hatred for Jews. The strapline on the back cover states ‘If you only ever read one book on the Holocaust, this has to be it’. I shall be returning to that statement later.
    In the marketplace today there exist tomes from anywhere between 860 to 2096 pages just on localised aspects of this truly vast subject written by stupendously meritorious individuals. Records on both the Third Reich and the Holocaust housed in Koblenz, Berlin and Bad Orolsen in Germany together with Warsaw, Jerusalem and Washington DC comprise some of largest domestic archives ever assembled by mankind. But putting aside film footage (copious reels from the corpse strewn pavements of the Warsaw ghetto to the deportation yards of southern Kressy to the pogroms at Lwów) or the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of photos and the many scores of millions of documents, consider this. Every city, every town in eastern Europe has its records, its history, its censuses and both they - and the countless villages beyond - bore witness.
    So Winter, sitting with his laptop across the Atlantic, trying to turn history on its head via a 120 page pamphlet variously littered with rearranged data, cherry picked sentences, miscaptioned (and stolen) imagery, borrowed skullduggery, fabrication, misappropriation, libel, good old fashioned lies and the odd item of retro revisionism most of his neo nazi contacts at ‘CODOH’, ‘inconvenient history’ and ‘the institute for historical review’ wouldn’t touch with a barge pole is a bit like a small child standing at the foot of Mount Everest and urinating towards an oncoming avalanche.
    Have said all that, it really is quite stunning what a veracity vacuum one man can achieve with just a search engine, a self-publishing repository and some rather nasty friends.
    Amazon’s guidelines are very clear. ‘We don’t allow reviews that express intolerance for people belonging to identity groups including race, gender, religion, sexual preference or nationality’. Damned right! However, they obviously feel no moral obligation whatsoever to extend those same standards to the people whose products they sell. Having become the key distributor for this and similar far-right material, Amazon could at least be honest enough to create a sub section called ‘race hate’. Because selling them under the banner of ‘history’ defiles more than just the victims.
    Know this. Peter Winter has the deepest contempt for the one and a half million children, alone, who died in the Jewish Holocaust and he will obfuscate and rearrange each and every sentence till the day he dies in the quest to honour and validate the very people who murdered them.

    Right from the opening salvos of this ‘manuscript’ Winter’s trawl through the supposed historical crimes of world Jewry could as easily be borrowed from Fritz Hippler’s hideous Nazi film of 1940 ‘Der Ewige Jude’. All that’s missing are children being molested and the symbolic rats spreading out across a map of Europe and the world. The feral stench of eugenics permeates the very curvature of the type font.
    We hear a string of what the author terms ‘undisputed facts’. Page 1: ‘a majority of the Communists who seized power in the Russian revolution were Jews’. Wrong.
    Judeo Bolshevism - the White Russian poster insult seized on by the Nazis has since become the most tired if enduring myth of both European nationalists and the far right, the world over. In 1917 Jews made up roughly 2% of Bolshevik Party membership in Russia. Of the 23 men that made up the ruling Council of People’s Commissars between 1923 and 1930, only 5 were Jewish.
    Page 1, again: ‘the Jews were largely responsible for modern art’. Wrong for a multitude of reasons for which I can ill afford a significant digression into the initial conception of Expressionism or Futurism or De Stijl or Surrealism or Dada or Cubism. Although the author does not include the slur ‘degenerate’ I think by this stage we know exactly which failed artist’s water colours take pride of place above the mantle piece in his household.
    Winter visits USHMM’s website to avail himself of the various migration figures of prewar Jewry in Germany and Austria - their destinations a who’s who of safe havens brought to us here via the true scholarly method of copy and paste. He of course omits the word (annexed) before the word Austria together with all material from a previous paragraph which talks about 100,000 ‘Reich Jews’ who only migrated as far as Holland or Belgium or France from where many of them would be deported to Poland by the Nazis once all four of those countries had been invaded.
    He then uses the Wannsee figures of 20th January, 1942 to state the number of Jews still in Germany and Austria in 1940. And why is this particular nugget absolute rubbish?
    In the months before Wannsee - from 16th October to mid December, 1941, approximately 36,211 ‘Reich Jews’ were deported to the ghettos of Łódź in Poland, Minsk in Belarus, Kuanas in Lithuania and Riga in Latvia. Thousands more, meanwhile, only managed to flee as far as the highly problematic territory of Hungary.
    The Riga deportations were prearranged to plug a slave labour gap left by the murder of some 25,000 of that ghetto’s 30,000 ‘indigenous’ Jews in the forest at Rumbula on 8th and 9th December. Even by the standards of the eastern territories the clearance of women and children at the dawn of the 8th was exceptionally barbarous. Incidentally, the reason there are so few Jews listed for the Baltic states in the ‘Wannsee’ figure sheets is for the simple reason that around a quarter of a million across those countries had already been killed and those that hadn’t were captive ‘work Jews’.

    Winter uses slothful smoke and mirror tactics to falsify the number of Jews that ever came within the sphere of peril and then attempts to reinvent Einsatzgruppe A to D via a pitiful six page scattering of deceitful trivia. He completely ignores the extent of those complicit in genocide across Ostland and the Reichkommissariat Ukraine - the disparate nationalist organisations and over two hundred auxiliary police battalions and
    paramilitary militias - Ukrainian, Belorussian, Lithuanian, Latvian. That’s before we consider the bewildering array of SS - added to SD, Ordnungspolizei, Shutzpolizei - or the Romanians, who were ‘very’ busy.
    Put simply, there might be slices of beetroot floating down the Dnieper with a broader knowledge of the simply gargantuan array of holocaust events in the four closest countries to the east of Poland which, between them, comprise the burial grounds of some 34% of the very figure the title of his book seeks to debunk.
    Mere weeks after the start of Operation Barbarossa (1st June, 1941), the Nazis and their axis partners could claim to control the fate of every single ‘significant’ European Jewish community bar that of Russia. AFTER you subtract the number of Jews that managed to flee there from Ukraine and Belarus, some 7.25 million (NOT 4.5) were trapped. That figure was briskly eroded as ‘the east’ became one vast smorgasbord of burning barns, frozen pits, screams, crying, blood and brains assuaged with vodka and sandwiches. As early as Jan 1942 when Reinhard Heydrich sat down to chair the mere update that was Wannsee, nearly one million European Jews needed no place to run. They were already dead.

    On the subject of mass graves, I have to mention some with regard to a term our author thinks is completely irrelevant. ‘Jewish ghetto’. To put this into context, 218,000 Jews perished inside the limits of just three cities. Warsaw, Lwów (including Janowska) and Łódź. A ‘great deal’ more than did across the entire camp system inside Germany and Austria!
    In the Ghetto of Warsaw: Heinrich Jost's Photographs is an odyssey into hell. The images were taken in just a few hours, in several streets on 19th September, 1941 by a sergeant in the Wermacht, who was horrified. The starving, the very nearly dead and the very actually dead, many of them children, on the pavements of Europe’s most populous ghetto (which kettled some 430,000 human beings in a space meant for a tiny fraction of that). At the mortuary sheds inside the Okapowa Street Jewish cemetery we are shown the mostly naked horrifically skeletal corpses - young, old. The daily journey of the corpse carts across the southern end of the cemetery to huge mass graves eighteen to twenty feet deep. The process of stacking the dead like cord wood, tip to toe, covering each layer with lime.
    Now consider the ‘many’ hundreds of locations across eastern Europe where millions of people were forced from their homes and locked behind walls and barbed wire fences that denied them the legal means to feed themselves beyond 184 calories a day, the fuel to the heat the hovels where they crowded and the medicines they needed to fend off dysentery, typhus and other life threatening conditions. And where defenseless, hungry people were slaughtered in sometimes vast numbers (one of very many examples being 7,000 in a single day - 11th June, 1942 - in the Galician town of Tarnow).

    One stock standard, used predictably by Winter, relates to hugely inflated figures carved by Soviets - instructed from Moscow - onto memorials in other people’s countries during the reign of communism. Auschwitz, Majdanek, Chelmno, Maly Trostenets - to name but a few. These yesteryear slabs almost never dedicated to the minorities they should have been dedicated to are a holocaust deniers best friend. Yet the figures on them (say 4M at Auschwitz) have nothing whatsoever to do with respectworthy historical research or the six million figure. Nor have they EVER done! From the autumn to Christmas of 1989, communism fell. Which is why the Poles and others had, at the start of the 1990s - for the very first time - the freedom, the autonomy, to put their OWN victim figures on their OWN holocaust monuments.
    Our author writes ‘The New York Times reported on March 3, 1991 that ‘the total number’ of deaths in Auschwitz was 73,137’. NO it didn’t!
    It reported a story of IRC officials travelling to Moscow to microfilm 46 death books with 73,137 entries retrieved by the Soviets from the ‘Auschwitz infirmary’. Here’s a bombshell, Peter. You don’t take 2,000 people off a train, gas 75% and then spend the next fortnight writing up the paperwork for a completely unrelated department. Not one of the 980,000 human beings gassed across the four large and three small locations would have ever been entered on an infirmary sheet and only some of the (minimum) 161,000 who died through starvation, beating, sickness, excessive labour, failure to receive medical care, medical experimentation, torture or execution by shooting, hanging and phenol injection would have either.
    Considering, the well photographed mess the Nazis made trying to destroy evidence, everyone apart from an idiot would consider forty six death books from an infirmary a tidy haul.
    Our author seems to have problems orientating himself around Auschwitz I (the Stammlager). He calls block 10 (where Dr Carl Clauberg busied himself injecting formaldehyde into women’s uteruses) a hospital block! He then shows a picture taken inside a hospital block (block 21) and uses it as an example of how well the Nazis treated prisoners. Unfortunately for Winter, this picture was taken by Polish photographer Stanislaw Mucha some six weeks AFTER the liberation. So the nurses in it are actually people Winter would normally define as ‘storytellers’ (untermensch) - Polish Red Cross.
    Miscaptioned images adorn every page. Winter uses the football team of British POWs from Wermacht run camp E715 (a sub camp of Stalag VIII B in Teschen) whom he calls ‘inmates at Auschwitz’.
    Winter uses the famous post-liberation photo of Red Cross nurses escorting the little tattooed playthings of Dr Josef Mengele through the barbed wire alleys of the Stammlager as supposed proof children didn’t die at Auschwitz. Anyone who knows the ‘first thing’ about Auschwitz knows why these children were amongst the 732 sets of biological twins not immediately selected for gas. Jona Laks, Vera Kriegel, Motti Alon, Menachem Bodner and Eva Moses are amongst those still alive. Eva’s twin Miriam is now dead. Her kidneys never fully developed. You can see photos online of what Mengele did to Roma and Sinti children. It really isn’t pleasant.
    Winter uses an image stolen from the Bundesarchiv of a swish I.G.Farben executive and SS hospitality hall complete with stage at the far end - itself, the subject of two further deceptions - and spaciously arranged tables with seating for between 480 and 500 which he implies is actually a dining hall for what would amount to tens of thousands of bug ridden slaves. Perhaps with the next edition, he’ll source a photo of commandant Höss’s bedroom and caption it ‘Jewish quarters’.
    These photos act more as garnish than ballast to a relentless array of inconsequence. For example, Winter’s ‘work’ on ‘Krema I’ (after Bunker 1, the least busy of Auschwitz’s seven gas chambers). When considering his three stage deception (retro revisionism at its most amateurish), you might want to consider the following:
    1. The 1942 blueprints, clearly showing an entire cross section of the interior ‘with a chimney ranged several yards shy of the building - and an underground flume’, still exist! The nazis destroyed the original furnaces and chimney in 1944 when the building became an air-raid shelter.
    2. The post-war Polish reconstruction - which let’s be very clear, is a ‘restoration’ of its original - was widely known about several decades before the museum put in a helpful article about it for visitors once the Stammlager became a major tourist attraction. Writing that article much earlier would have been futile.
    3. This one is very cavalier. The passage from the Robert Van Pelt book that seemingly agrees with all that Winter has said about ‘Krema I’ is actually a quote from famous holocaust denier David Irving used ‘by’ Van Pelt for his work ‘ The Case for Auschwitz: Evidence from the David Irving Trial’. A trial at which Van Pelt was an expert witness for the prosecution. The next paragraph of said book - the paragraph Winter naturally omits - is Van Pelt tearing Irving’s passage to shreds.
    Incidentally, Van Pelt has usually been used in court whenever some neo nazi has turned up to receive a trousers down six of the best caning over bearing false witness and lack of qualification and lack of relevant knowledge about cyanide and corpse disposal and capacities and dimensions and fuels and chimney flumes and blueprints and hatches and residue and brickwork. So, who knows..... when he has seen the flagrant misappropriation used here, perhaps his lawyers will be in touch with Peter Winter.
    Kremas II and III (those big chimneyed converted mortuaries the Nazis blew up) - like Kremas IV, V and Bunker 2, absolutely riddled with hydrogen cyanide - all who survived Birkenau of all denominations and all nationalities say they were gas chambers. The Poles say they were gas chambers. The Germans say they were gas chambers. Testimony, eh!
    In the world of Peter Winter testimony falls into the following categories. Jews of all nationalities who are liars. Roma and Sinti who are liars. Slavs, the various peoples who comprise numerous countries and half a continent, who are liars. French, Dutch, Greeks, Belgians who are liars. Nazis who only lied because they’d been tortured by Slavs. Germans who haven’t been tortured but must have been paid by Jews. Historians, scientists and archeologists of all races who are liars. In fact in Peter’s world the only people who aren’t liars are people like Ditlieb Felderer (the original author of some of Winter’s claims) - jailed for sending pornographic anti-Semitic material to hundreds of individuals and organizations in Sweden. Fred Leuchter, whose laughable experiments with stolen Auschwitz brickwork exposed nothing more in court than the fact he didn’t actually have any appropriate qualifications but had received payment from neo nazi publisher Ernst Zundel who, himself, has been jailed four times and committed enough pan global misdemeanors in race hate to comprise the work of an entire organization. Zundel has also authored books claiming that flying saucers were secret weapons developed by the Third Reich and now based in Antarctica.
    Time to remind you of Winter’s strapline ‘If you only ever read one book on the Holocaust, .........’.
    He started this whole section with a misappropriation on the demographic of 728 Polish unfortunates from the town of Tarnow. His deceptions generally skirt double figures for most of the following fifteen pages. Here is a man who seems to find it a problem circumnavigating two successive sentences without veering towards dishonesty - and even when he’s trying to be honest he gets it wrong. Whether it’s the Auschwitz trial (try Krakow, 1947, for the main one), the location of the largest slave labour force (Birkenau, not Monewitz) or the difference between a person who was considered ‘infirm’ on arrival and the many thousands considered ‘infirm’ after months of starvation, labour and barbarous treatment.
    We ‘know’ that in the entire history of Auschwitz I, II and III, a minimum of some 1,266,000 human beings from seventeen countries arrived. Unlike a Soviet statistic, this figure is not arbitrary. It merely represents the minimum we know. With regard to the 1,070,000 Jews within that figure - we know what days they arrived, their origin, from where they were transported, how many in the transports. The footprint of the famous who left behind their intellectual and cultural legacy and the ordinary families with ordinary children who left behind strands, the world over, keepsakes and millions of photos taken before persecution is simply huge. The forty two children from Izieu orphange, eastern France - gassed on 15th April, 1944. Czech composer Hansa Krasa and the entire child cast of his children’s opera Brundibar (their last Theresienstadt performance filmed for nazi propaganda) - gassed on 17th October, 1944.
    Of 58,000 human beings marched out, cold, starving into the freezing Polish snows on 9th of January, 1945, some 15,000 would never reach Wodzisław Śląski, 35 miles away. That’s Peter Winter’s work force for you! For another 1,141,000, the trail ends in ash ponds, the River Soła, the cremation fields and the foul smelling marshy woods behind a building called ‘the sauna’ roughly equidistant to the Silesian town of Bedzin and the city of Krakow.
    When the Soviets liberated Auschwitz, it was snowing. You can find plenty of photos online with feet sticking out of the snow at Birkenau and the vast sea of clothing spilling from the ‘Kanada’ storehouses and the emaciated corpses piled into the slush filled sheds. If you can be bothered to search.

    Moving on, Winter begins his Operation Reinhard section by dedicating the name to Fritz Reinhard. Of course he’s got the wrong Reinhard. With regard, though, to Fritz and the Finance Ministry, what Winter will of course not mention is the wretchedly in-depth breakdown of items to be robbed from victims and what accounts and/or addresses each was to be sent to. For example in with the diamonds and gold to be transferred to the WVHA for deposit in the Reichsbank was listed gold teeth. Because a living person wouldn’t want their teeth would they? A baby wouldn’t need its carriage? No one would need their clothes? ‘Resettlement’. Presumably they were all on their way to some vast Belorussian nudist colony whose name we have yet be to furnished with.
    The wholesale obliteration of Jewry within ‘the General Government’ is not, as Winter will have you believe, some story invented after the war. By late 1942 their industrial slaughter was being passionately argued over in the British House of Commons, in Washington DC, in Bern, in Stockholm. In diplomatic, government and Vatican circles, it was widely known.

    Winter spends two pages on Bełżec. Two pages for the fate of a minimum of 434,000 transported in just 270 days. Four countries. Well over 180 source destinations. Close to 80,000 from Lwów. 30,000 from Lublin. 22,000 from Tarnow. 11,000 from Krakow. Winter spends it, as always, bottom feeding on scraps.
    As with Treblinka and Sobibor, not ONE shred of evidence exists to say that so much as one single person brought to Bełżec was then transported anywhere else. Not one person or document can be found to support such a hypothesis. As with Treblinka and Sobibor, this supposedly harmless ‘transit’ site was destroyed in 1943 and planted over leaving little but scorched soil, detritus and bone matter blowing in the wind. The vast cinder
    memorial which opened in 2004 (the 2nd Memorial) spans less than two thirds of the original camp’s borders but it covers the entire business end of matters.
    Between 1997 and 2000 an in depth investigation into the site was led by Professor Andrzej Kola, director of Archaeology at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń. Note to author, this was a Polish NOT Israeli undertaking! Kola’s excavations commissions have included the largest of Stalin’s documented killing sites, Bykivnia, Ukraine and the site of Polish Officers murdered by NKVD at Kharkiv (one of four strands of the Katyn debacle). So unlike Winter’s self proclaimed degree in ‘political history’, the archeologist’s pedigree is proven!
    The Kola investigation found that Bełżec was ‘one large patchwork of mass graves.’ They located and measured 33 mass graves with a total volume of approximately 21,300 cubic meters or approximately 752,202 cubic feet. For body mass to cubic foot that’s the equivalent to 250,000 thirteen stone adults. But what we’re talking about is under nourished men, women, children and babies - tenderised and then burned and ground or otherwise degraded to pulp, bones and black viscous soup.
    It appears that ‘Sonderakion 1005’ - the task of exhuming corpses buried at every major site and burning them - proved to much for those involved at Bełżec. Whereas, twenty one of the pits contain a mix of burnt human bones mixed with fragments of carbonised wood and grey sand, what lies in the other twelve is far more immediate, far more vile. In nine of these there appears to have been little attempt at proper exhumation.
    Amongst testimony from the day shift cremation supervisor SS Oberscharfuhrer Heinrich Gley: ‘The whole procedure during the burning of the exhumed corpses was so inhuman, so un-anaesthetic, and the stench so horrifying that people today who are used to living everyday lives cannot possibly imagine what it was like’.
    But let’s try to imagine, via just ‘one’ of those pits. The first pit to be investigated, but used in the final phase. Dimensions of the grave were determined as 40 m x 12 m and over 4.80 m deep, filled with bodies in wax-fat transformation, and a mixture of burnt human bones and charcoal. Beneath this deep strata lay a several-centimetres-thick layer of foul-smelling water beneath which were found unburnt corpses compressed by the weight of soil to a layer 20 cm thick. The drill core brought to the surface putrid pieces of human remains, including pieces of skull with skin and tufts of hair attached, and unidentifiable lumps of greyish, fatty, human tissue. The bottom of the grave was lined with a layer of evil smelling black human fat, resembling black soap. As no evidence of fabric was brought to the surface, it may be assumed that the corpses are naked. The conclusion was drawn that the preservation of the corpses was due to the fact that they lay virtually hermetically sealed between the layer of the water above and the layer of solidified fat below, underneath which the natural, dry and compressed sand through which no air could penetrate, resulted in their partial mummification.
  7. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    In Germany (& Austria - ask David Irving about that:D).

    Not in the UK, I think.
  8. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    If memory serves, most of the Bergen Belsen victims died from Typhus
  9. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

    Bergen Belsen was a concentration camp, not an extermination camp.
  10. Didactylos4

    Didactylos4 Star commenter

    After post #6 anything I could add would be superfluous.

    And it probably saved me from being moderated for using inappropriate language
  11. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

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