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Has anyone moved from YR to Y2?

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Primary0933, Mar 7, 2020.


Would you recommend moving from YR to Y2?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. There is currently a period of change in my school. The head has emailed saying that anyone who wishes to move year group next year should let her know by next week. Normally people dont really change year group in my school, so I am wondering if i should take this oppourtunity for a change or continue in a year group that I am happy in.

    I am in my second year of Reception - I always thought I would stay as an EYFS teacher but I am wondering if I should try another year group to develop as a teacher. That being said, I am also a little nervous about all the standard stuff (making the jump, going to a new staffroom, working with new collegues, learning a new curriculum, greater workload in KS1 and feeling like an NQT all over again). The EYFS team that I currently work in is in a seperate building from the main school which is why I feel like it is such a jump!

    Has anyone made the jump from reception to year 2? Would you recommend it? What was your experience?
  2. Oldbutnotreally

    Oldbutnotreally New commenter

    I did exactly this many, many years ago! (I'm retired now) I loved reception but year 2 was just as satisfying or possibly even better. I loved the fact that they could do so much more and to see how they made such fantastic progress was just awesome. I followed this with a move to year six which I also loved. Yes, it's hard work and you have to learn fast on the job but the change definitely kept me on my toes! Go for it!

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