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Has anyone heard of Acruing your holidays on the end of maternity leave?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Nat113, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I was wondering if anyone has heard about acruing your holidays on the end of your maternity leave? Im thinking of having a year off school for maternity leave, but can only do that if I can put the holidays that I have in my maternity leave onto the end of the 9 months that we get payed for!
    Has anyone heard of this or done this?
    Please help as im going to see the Burser next week sort everything out!!!
    Thanks Nat [​IMG]
  2. There are new EU rules that some Scottish Authorities have come into line with including my own. This means I have a year off I accrue 65 days hols that I can take at the end or get paid
    for. I have also accrued 19 days between 1.9.10 and 4.3.11 when I go off which I will get paid for in my last salary. They are already trying to reduce the entitlement to 40 days though!!
  3. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    I always fancied phoning my local authority to ask about this, especially as baby friends I made also worked for the same authority and they could use accrued holiday to extend their mat leave. I never did ring as I thought I'd be laughed off the line...
  4. It was detaile din my mat pack? You have nothing to lose, why not try? x
  5. Thanks for yor message! What do you mean by Mat Pack? Maternity Pack? When did you get that? Ive only had a Bounty pack so far! x
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I've heard of this happening in Scotland, but not in England. Well, not for teachers anyway. I had 9 months off last time and didn't accrue any holiday.
  7. By mat pack I meant maternity pack. I got it from the Local Authority just after I handed in my Mat b1 form at 25 weeks. It detailed all my rights, dates etc based on the leaving dates I gave them and accrued holiday from Sep1st 2010 to March 4th 2011 wich was 38 days. We will only have had 19 so I get 19 days paid in my final salarly. It then said I would accrue at the same rate over the course of mat leave and they would calculate that for me when I gave them my return date. Our councils don't like it and are trying to reduce it to 40 days but its still better than nothing. I plan to tack it on to my mat leave so that for the last few months I am fully paid again.
    Chica last time I could only accrue a max of 10 days so it is a big and very welcome change!
  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Is there time for me to relocate to Scotland???

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