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Has anyone heard from Canterbury Christ Church for either PGCE or GTP?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by natbar, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Hi All
    I have a conditional offer for primary PGCE and am waiting for a firm offer, also waiting for interview result for GTP also at CCCU. Just wondering if anyone else had heard anything?
    Thanks Nat x
  2. Jayc1562

    Jayc1562 New commenter

    I'm also waiting for a firm offer from CCC and so far there's been no news my GTTR still states interview (which was on the 24th Nov).
    I read an article which says although primary places have increased to 502, secondary places have decreased by almost 50%. So I think thats why we are having a longer wait :(
    What course did you apply for/ when was your interview? I applied for Upper Primary with German.

  3. Hi,
    I had interview for PGCE on 24 Nov and am also waiting for my official confirmation to come through (had an e-mail a few days after the interview to say I was going to be offered a place).
    Also waiting to hear from my GTP interview as well.
    I applied for Upper Primary.
    At least we know we should hear soon now that the funding has been confirmed.
  4. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I applied for early years in both (3-7) I'm soooooo impatiant this wait is doing me no favours! I've only been waiting since 26th Jan for PGCE so not as long as you guys!! When was your GTP interview? mine was on 8th Feb, they said upto 3 weeks wait, but at least it's coming through the post so no temptation to constantly check track. The post man might start giving me a wide birth though!!
    The secondary GTP posts are already being advertised on kent teach, so hopefully it wont be too long now. Jay are you also on student room? I think I may have answered your post on there if you are. I'm sure you'll be fine as you are taking the languages option, they are always in demand!!
    Good Luck to you both
    Nat x
  5. Hi,
    I too am waiting on the GTTR to officially let me know that I'm on! it is incredibly frustrating to hear that other universities are confirming their offers and nothing yet from CCCU! (I applied, and have been email-accepted onto a Upper Primary and Spanish PGCE).
    Here's hoping it's soon!

  6. Small update - my status has been changed to "Stop". Does anyone else have this??
  7. They've sent out formal offers by email! Apparently GTTR will be updated shortly, looks promising! [​IMG]
  8. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    I got that email too..congrats!! [​IMG]
  9. You too! I can't believe it, have just handed my notice in, and feel slightly dizzy!
  10. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Just waiting for track to update now so I can formally accept!! [​IMG]
  11. Jayc1562

    Jayc1562 New commenter

    I'm really worried and confused!
    I've just got a letter inviting my to interview again :( This new interview is on the 16th of March and from what I've read is no different to the interview I had on the 24th of November. The only difference I can see is that the course has now changed to PGCE Primary with Language Specialism instead of Upper German. :S
    I'm really worried now as I was successful at the other interview and was conditionally offered a place, so I've got no idea why they want to re interview me :(. I've been trying to call up but I'm only getting voicemail. I hope I dont have to interview again and then wait for a yes/no because my second choice is already full. :(
  12. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Oh Jayc you poor thing!! what are they up to now?! Maybe they have to interview again because the course spec has changed? Keep us posted I'm sure all will be ok, keep calling and/or email Jo Dennis? [​IMG] hugs coming your way!
    Nat x
  13. I agre with Nat, email Jo, she's really quick to respond!

    Best of luck xx
  14. Jayc1562

    Jayc1562 New commenter





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    Hey all Thanks for the hugs etc... I'm IN :)

    It was all just a mistake, I had emailed Jo as soon as I got the letter but
    didn't get a reply and I knew she emailed back quite quickly, so that made me
    extra panicked! But I called up this morning and they couldn’t understand why I
    got that letter either but yeah the long and short of it is...

    I'M IN :) :) :)

    And I've just officially accepted on the GTTR so now I can start getting
    prepared :). Which is mostly saving as I booked a big holiday the day before it
    was announced we'd get nothing!

    See you all in September!!

    Also has anyone started looking at accom? If so which sites are you using thx.

  15. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    YAY! [​IMG]
    So pleased for you that it was all just one big mistake...phew!
    I've just accepted on track too, see you in September!!!
  16. Hooray to both of you! We're all fully tracked, though the information on the Cant. website that we now have to go through is daunting!
    I don't know if it helps but I'm actually a Canterbury local if you want info/help on accommodation etc. Though, I've started a PGCE before at Canterbury (withdrew due to severe family illness) and I don't drive, and they placed me in Maidstone, 50 minutes away on public transport and fiendishly expensive to get to at our time of day - so really it's a tough call whether you want to live round here or not!
  17. I'm waiting to hear about Psychology 14-19, had my interview 10th Dec and my status on GTTR was changed to 'Stop' on 14th Dec with an email offering me a conditional place. It is driving me nuts this waiting! My 2nd, 3rd and 4th choices are all full now so I will have to completely change tack and go for science and hope i'm qualified enough. Either that or upsticks to Exeter!
  18. Yay I'm on too guys! I can't wait to start! Just gotta figure out slotting in the observation in school around work now! x
  19. Woohoo i'm in! Got a letter today making me a firm offer. I was so nervous when my mum called to tell me I had a letter waiting at home from CCCU.What coursesis everyone else on?
  20. Upper Primary and Spanish - you?

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