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Has anyone heard about an interview for Edinburgh Secondary PGDE in English?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by mull2, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about an interview for the Secondary PGDE in English in Edinburgh?!?!?
  2. No! Really hope they'll get in touch with us soon! Glad to hear other people are getting impatient, too.
  3. Ya I was getting a little worried because other subjects seem to be getting interviews and I thought maybe the english ones had happened already and I missed out. Fingers crossed we get word soon!!
  4. Think the interviews are not held until April, so don't panic! Remember there is no closing date for Secondary applications xx
  5. April?!?!...wow thats really late isnt it..oh well, we will just have to wait and see so I supose.
  6. So glad to read I'm not the only one worried... Have you guys applied to other unis? My second choice was a uni down in England but they've already filled all their English places for this year - I can't believe Edinburgh are taking so long!
  7. My second choice is Aberdeen, but if the Edinburgh interviews dont happen soon thats going to be full. One of my friends is in Aberdeen this year and his interview was around this time last year. Theres going to be extra pressure going into this interview if all the other places are full!!
  8. Just checked the course search on the GTTR website. Edinburgh have put 'No Vacancies' beside the English course. That must mean they expect to fill all their places from the applications they've received so far. Hopefully it also means well be hearing about interviews soon!
    Also getting stressed about my backups (Strathclyde and Glasgow) as they seem to be much further on in the application process. Eeek!
  9. eeek is right!! I am really starting to freak out now, this waiting is killing me. I do know of some people who have gotten rejected already so hopefully the fact that we havent heard anything yet means that they like the look of our application and hopefully we will get interviews. The power of positive thinking and all that!!! :)
  10. Hi All,
    My application for Moray House got put to On Hold the other day, so I rang them yesterday to check if I needed to do anything and they gave me a bit more info that I thought might be useful to some of you!
    Apparently they've definitely closed applications for Secondary English now so there'll be no more applications made. They've just had it confirmed that there's going to be 20 places on the course so are expecting to have final decisions about who gets interviewed "very shortly". The guy that I spoke to said that there'd been over a hundred applications and that it would probably be roughly 40 people who would get an interview. Don't anybody panic though- as someone's already said they know people who have had an outright rejection so at this point it sounds like no news is good news.
    Good luck everyone!
  11. thanks for letting us know! 20 seems very very few....
  12. Thanks for the update!!! :) Did they tell you any timeframe for when you would hear any more information?!?
  13. Nope, sadly not! All he said to me was "very shortly" or something like that. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks then. I'm finding the wait excruciating so I can't imagine how it must be for those of you who've been waiting since before Christmas.
  14. Oh how vague!!! They sure know how torture us dont they!!haha Its been a pretty long wait alright but your contact with them last week reasured me that they hadnt forgotten about us!! :)
  15. I've just received an email with an invitation for an interview in March - have you heard anything?
  16. HUGE congrats, thats fantastic well done!!! Unfortunately I havent heard anything or gotten any emails, so looks like I wont get called!! What dates the interview?!? Best of luck!! :)
  17. They haven't confirmed the exact time and date yet but it should be in a couple of weeks. Have you heard anything over the last week?
  18. I got an email saying that I wasnt successful as a candidate for the first round of interviews, but that they have kept my application in case the 20 places arent filled over the three days of interviews, but id say my chances are pretty slim. I did get called for a different interview in Northern Ireland, so fingers crossed that works out. Best of luck with the interview!!! :)
  19. Hi,

    I also had an interview for Secondary English on the 11th and still haven't heard anything. My status on GTTR is still 'stop'. Did anyone ask at the interview when we were likely to hear? Waiting is driving me crazy...
  20. Just looked on GTTR and saw I have an unconditional!!! Good luck to everyone else. Hope to see you in August! x

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