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Has anyone had to teach two lessons at interview?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by steffiw, May 11, 2011.

  1. Been offered interview for Monday at local school and they've asked me to teach 2 x 50 minute lessons, 2nd set year 10 and what appears to be top set year 8.

    Only ever been asked to teach a single lesson in previous interviews (last one 4 years ago). Is two lessons now the norm?
  2. You sure you haven't applied for supply? [​IMG]
  3. Maybe they're really short-staffed and what with Rarely Cover and supply costs being what they are ...[​IMG]
    (seriously, no I don't think it's the norm)
  4. I had to teach 2 50 minutes lessons back to back for the job I now have. School is in special measures and they said before we started that if the teaching wasn't what they wanted, then that or those people would not be interviewed. We also had to do a planning exercise.
    Hmmm... you live near me *starts to wonder what the school is*
  5. I had to teach one KS3 and one A level at my last interview. There was also an essay task...
  6. Thank you all. As job is for lead teacher at KS5, guess a planning exercise may well be for that. Not bothered about the teaching, was just surprised to be asked to do two, but it's obviously quite normal.

    SD - I've inboxed you.
  7. I really think my inbox has broken, because I've not got your message! We've not got KS5... unless you count the joint VI form centre with another school...
    Good luck!
  8. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    A recent ad asked if they could come and observe applicant teaching in their current school - wonder if they were worried it might put off candidates to teach in their own school?
    In an interview lesson I had recently, the same class was taught by all candidates in turn; I was the last to go in and the kids were glazed and fidgetty by then.

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