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Has anyone had any experience with pneumonia in one year olds?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bubble81, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has been through anything like this and could offer some advice. My lo turned one in Jan. In Feb he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and was given steroids, antibiotics, inhalers etc. At the end of March he became poorly again and after taking him to the doctor we were advised to take him to hospital as his breathing rate was so fast and his temperature was so high - cut a long story short, he ended up being admitted to hospital for 4 days with pneumonia. He had to sleep in an oxygen tent as his oxygen levels kept dropping whilst asleep and again was given steroids and antibiotics which I was told were the strongest he could have. We were told that the virus he had was quite common and could often cause two or three of these bouts and as he had now had both bronchiolitis and pneumonia it was likely that should be it.

    However, in the last couple of days he has become chesty again and has been coughing a lot. I took him back to the doctors today as a precaution, so imagine my shock when they said his chest was wheezy again and have told me to start up the inhaler again and have put him back on steroids.

    Has anyone else had any experience of this? I am trying so hard to keep him well and healthy and I can't believe that just three weeks after being in hospital he is poorly again. I'm terrified of him having to go back to hospital again and I just feel so hopeless that he keeps getting ill.

    Has anyone else had any experience of bronchiolitis or pneumonia? How long did it go on for?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Sorry, I did have paragraphs but they seem to have disappeared.
  3. My LO was poorly with bronchiolitis the day before her 1st birthday. She had had a cold for ages, coughing so much she was sick and after a few days I took her to the GP. They basically said that she shouldn't be struggling for air so much (her whole chest and abdomen heaved in every time she took a breath) and her chest sounded like a 'death rattle'. It was awful. They basically said to get her to the children's hospital ASAP (I began to get scared that she would collapse altogether).

    The hospital saw her and took some nasal tests and said bronchiolitis and gave us inhaler. This worked well to get her bronchioles to open up although LO absolutely hated it. We were invited to stay in overnight as a precaution but we decided against it. They said that if we used it more than 10 times that night we should go back.

    Within 3 days, LO had begun to recover properly from it, although her birthday was a complete write-off. The hospital said that the virus would peak at Day 4-6 and be pretty much recovered by Day 10.

    A few times since then we have used the inhaler but we have not had to go down antibiotics as from what I understand with virus', they have to run their course?

    I've no experience with pneumonia though so really sorry to hear LO has that on top of bronchiolitis
  4. Thanks Lily, sorry to hear about your lo's birthday, we were supposed to be going on holiday a few days after he was admitted to hospital and we had to cancel. It's good to know that the bronchiolitis cleared up without antibiotics as he hasn't been prescribed them this time so hopefully the steroids and inhaler will clear it up. My lo hated the inhaler at first as well, but we had to use it so much at the hospital he eventually got used to it. I was dreading using it again today but he was ok with it, which helped.

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