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Has anyone had a 2nd maternity leave close to the 1st?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by cherrycola, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. why do you nee to be back 26 weeks? mat leave counts as continuous service, unless ive misunderstood. also, i didnt have a perod until baby was nearly 6 months old, as breastfeding stops ovulation, so it might be more difficult than you think! i didnt let my hunband near me for at least 2 months due to the pain lol!
  2. I looked through the maternity pay and conditions and it said you need to have worked 26 weeks 15 weeks before your due date, very confusing! So i'm tying to work out whether having another one asap would work out financially. After my first 5 years ago my periods started straight away and I know there may be reasons why I won't want to conceive but I also do not want to miss what might be my only chance to conceive again.
  3. Arrrh I see maternity leave counts as continuous service, so you could have another leave asap?
  4. i would assume that you dont need the 26 weeks as mat leave is continuous service, but that's how i read it. did ask someone about this as i intended to go back pregnant, and they thought the same, but have not checked with hr. i went back last week and am now on cd2 so it doesnt affect me now anyway. i do know of someone (as neighbour) in primary who didnt go back in between her mat leaves (or went back for a week) but i dont know how her pay worked out.
  5. have a friend this happened to just recently!
    so beware of the pitfalls!!
    your mat pay is calculated based on what you earn during weeks 18-22wks of pregnancy. unfortunately my friend was still on 1st mat leave at this point so has now been told she is not eligible for any stat mat pay (she will still get the occ mat pay though, which doesn't last as long).
    what she managed to do then is apply to the DHSS for mat allowance (about same rate as stat mat pay), but she had to dig out pay cheques dating over the last 66wks to prove she had earned during that time. all a complete pain in the neck!!!
    my advice would be once you find out your pregnant (if it happens quick) arange to get back to work before 18-22wks. You might as well get all the money you're entitled to!
  6. Great, thank you Stripe, I was hoping someone would have some first hand advice, it might not happen that I conceive again but I don't want to go the rest of my life wondering if I could have or on the other hand fall pregnant and put my family at risk financially what with the morgage and all! I guess we will wait and see! x
    p.s Happy Christmas!!
  7. minakim

    minakim New commenter

    It is true, you have a fertility high. I was told about it and thought that couldnt be me as I
    was an older mum. Well, I did my nine months mat leave, went back in the Sept., was already four months pregnant, did a term and then was off again! I was okay financially, even though I used up savings with the first mat leave. I did, however, turn into a super saver, coupon queen!
    My council pays for childcare vouchers during mat leave so I got two days free childcare at nursery - really useful as I dont have anyone around to help me out. Check it out with your council if you are in a state school.
    There are other issues besides the financial to think about though.Two children close together is hard work, no doubt, and drains you and the finances to the limit (two lots of childcare is phenomenal). I am on a good night if I can get four hours straight sleep! Plus my career is down the pan as I know I am not as focussd as I was (cant with the amount of sleep I am on).I am in and out of work like a yo yo as my kids are catching all sorts of bugs and taking turns at getting them!
    But I will leave on a positive note: if you can bear to do it all again so soon, then do it! I love having my girls growing up together like this. It's hard now but it is also precious time and I know that. Good luck!
  8. I can't remember who was talking about someone they knew - but was that person a teacher?
    It would be worth posting this on Pay and Conditions, as I believe that as you are on a salary and as mat leave counts as being employed, then your second round of maternity pay should be the same as the first. I 'think' that they don't look at your pay during hte qualifying weeks, because you pay is the same all year round.
    So far as returning to work for the 13 weeks so that you don't have to pay anything back, then I think you can run 2 lots of 13 weeks back to back in order to keep the money.
    Maybe you should just phone up the payroll people at county (although they won't necessarily have the answers - i ahve had problems chasing mat pay things up in the past).
  9. Stripe - I am confused by what you have just written.
    You said in your intial post that she was eligible to claim maternity allowance that is paid at the same rate as stat. mat pay, and that she also was eligible for the occupational maternity pay.
    That would mean that in total she would have exactly the same amount of money - not sure where the loss of £4500 comes in?
    Free childcare vouchers are a bonus - although to really benefit , you need to take more than 9 months leave. You maternity pay will be slightly lower than it would be if you were not taking the vouchers as it is based on your 'new' salary, but once you get to the SMP / MA -only bit of mat pay you are given the vouchers for free instead of being deducted from your pay.
  10. think i am confusing myself now too :)
    in a nutshell friend now not loosing out as getting mat allow. from DSS (still called that? i don't know), but to get that she had to prove certain earnings within the last 66wks - remember she'd just had 52wks mat leave., so earnings not as much. Mat allow is apparently variable, my friend is getting the full one, but based on some earnings it can be less meaning some people can loose out significantly.
    childcare vouchers - all teachers must have different rates of mat pay - i'm on month 7 of mat leave and my occ pay ran out over a month ago. now totally on just stat pay., but at least am getting 243 of free vouchers to pay for elder childs childcare, so am getting benefit of it before 9mths.
    moral of story is check out all with your HR / union for your own personal situation. and hey if you have another baby you won't be spending so much on 2nd anyway with hand-me-downs!!
  11. LouLou2222

    LouLou2222 New commenter

    Hi everyone, I know this is an old thread so holding out only a little hope....

    I have just found out I pregnant and I am 4 months into my current maternity leave......Did anybody find out any concrete answers? My next mat leave could start during this one!

    I'm wondering.....

    Do I have to go back for 10 weeks in order to not pay back the occupational mat pay I have already received? Or can I go back for a minimum of 20 weeks after second maternity leave?

    Would I qualify for full occupational & SMP (same again) for this new pregnancy without going back to work? (To qualify for the SMP part I believe I have to be earning no less than £121 p/w during the 8 week period prior to the 15th week before EWC, -& the current SMP I am receiving counts as this.)

    But does anybody know how I qualify for another lot of full occupational mat pay like I have received this time? E.g. 90%...of pay etc. Does this also involve going back to work for 10 weeks? Or as mat leave is classed as continuous employment am I automatically entitled again?

    So confused. Union won't help me as I stopped my membership whilst on what I thought would be a very long leave lol. Said I would start it up again but they still won't help (NASUWT).

    Thanks in advance.
  12. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    I think the requirement to go back for 13 weeks (not 10 under STPCD) is delayed until after the second maternity leave. I'm not sure if you have to do double then, though. You're still employed, so you should qualify for OMP even if you don't return before the next maternity leave starts. SMP is lower of flat rate and 90% of earnings in the qualifying period, I think, so that might be knocked down if it's based on what you're getting in maternity pay.
    I guess for extra complications you could look at what happens if your partner takes shared parental leave and you go back for a bit...
  13. donnaelmo

    donnaelmo New commenter

    Hi LouLou

    I know this was over a year ago now but I too am currently 4 months into my mat leave but considering trying for another baby whilst on leave.

    Did you have to return and work during a certain window of your pregnancy to qualify for SMP the second time round? Did you return before and after the subsequent pregnancy?
    I know OMP would be paid again as may leave is continuous service but SMP is different...

    Any advice/ experiences shared would be gratefully received! I have only been at my school a year (found out I was pregnant after 2 months of being there!) but they don’t favour part time teachers (currently FT but been told if I return PT I lose my right to just teach my subject!) / those who have families to juggle.
    I’m keen to complete my family and to find a school that welcomes working mothers, in any capacity!

    Thanks in advance!
  14. uwicstu

    uwicstu New commenter

    Donnaelmo - have you found any answers to your questions?

    I am 9 months into my 1st mat leave and I am 3 1/2 months pregnant! I'm really not sure how long I need to go back to work to qualify for OMP / SMP and what I'd be expected to work at the end of my second mat leave.

    Like you, my 'school' is not fond of PT teachers, or mums for that matter! Help!

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