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Has anyone got an interview for PGCE @ York St Johns? or can help me??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lauralooroll, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. I think I'm looking far too deeply into everything but I'm sooo desperate to get on the course!
    I need to:
    - 4 subject tests - ICT / Science / Maths / English,
    - An 8 min presentation / lesson to teach a skill or interest to a small group.
    - Written task - based on a paper about "Teaching being a Masters Level Profession"
    - The actual interview.

    I know that I can teach and am super enthusiastic, but I feel myself looking at what needs to be done and just feeling super thick! Can anyone help me?
    My main issue is the Written task, I just want to get it right!

    Any help would be amazing! Thanks xxx
  2. I think I'm looking far too deeply into everything but I'm sooo desperate to get on the course!
    I need to:
    - 4 subject tests - ICT / Science / Maths / English,
    - An 8 min presentation / lesson to teach a skill or interest to a small group.
    - Written task - based on a paper about "Teaching being a Masters Level Profession"
    - The actual interview.

    I know that I can teach and am super enthusiastic, but I feel myself looking at what needs to be done and just feeling super thick! Can anyone help me?
    My main issue is the Written task, I just want to get it right!

    Any help would be amazing! Thanks xxx
  3. Hi,

    Don't worry, I felt exactly the same before the interview-there's so many parts to it, it's daunting! But it's not bad at all. The whole day felt a lot more relaxed than I was expecting. The only time I really felt nervous was going into the individual interview and that was fine too.

    The subject knowledge tests are all multiple choice (thankfully) but I just revised on GCSE bite size and that covers most of it. The IT is all fairly common sense stuff if you're used to computers-I didn't end up revising that one cause I was panicking about Science- and I got my best mark for it.

    To be honest, I can't even remember the gist of what I wrote for the written task but prep wise I just read it through and made as many notes as possible (opinions, any personal experiences I'd had) and then divided the notes into any common themes. I wrote a general plan (which main points I wanted to cover) but I didn't write out a whole essay before it or anything (there's no way I'd remember it). If you're struggling with actual points to cover, I would recommend talking to any teachers you know about the subject (find one studying for their masters and they'll have some views) and then you'll be able to bring some real experience into the essay. I think they just want to check that you can think critically, engage in a piece of writing. They know that people aren't going to be up to MA level before they've even started it. The other thing is just keeping a check on your spelling and grammar.

    I really enjoyed the group task. What have you got planned for yours? There was a mix of activities in mine but I'd say the best thing to do is something practical that gets the other people in the group involved in some way. Everyone was really friendly and supportive.

    When's your interview? It's easy to say but don't panic too much! It honestly wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Chat to other people when you get there-it makes the day go quicker. If you have any other questions, let me know.

  4. Hi, I have an interview in York in two weeks. I am so nervous, I'm going crazy about all the preparation involved for it. I also hope to do the upper primary pgce (part time). I just wondered if you could give me a little advice or idea as what people did for the individual group tasks, what kind of things did people give a discussion or demonstration on?? I'm stuck for ideas. Is the day not too bad then? Also have you done the course or have you recently done the interview. Sorry for all the questions, hope you can help.
    Lauren ;)
  5. Hi,

    I've just done the interview. Happy to help-luckily a friend of mine had an interview a few weeks before me so I got advice from her. There were 3 other people in my group. I made an origami christmas card which seemed to go well. Someone else told us a story as a way of remembering all the films that won best picture in the oscars in the 90s- so as a mnemonic device. That was good as it was quite fun and everyone was quite relaxed- and the 3 of us had to work as a team to remember them. Another one was how to train for a marathon-which was interesting but I think it's harder to just stand there and talk as the level of interaction isn't there as much. The last activity was learning old mcdonald in sign language-again, a fun activity that got people chatting and feeling more relaxed. I would definitely recommend something practical in some way- I think it makes you more relaxed.

    I did hear of quite a few people doing origami (and I can see why because it did work well)- I was lucky that there was no one else in my group doing it. Think of any of your hobbies/interests and if there's anything connected. After the activities they did ask how you could apply that to children in a school and what would it cover but, to be honest, I think most things could be applied in some way.

    The group activity was my favourite part of the day- I actually enjoyed it and it wasn't stressful at all.

    Hope that helps! Sarah
  6. Thanks for the advice Sarah. I was thinking of doing origami, I have been learning to do all kinds of animals and birds in the last months, do you think this will be okay for the group task?? How did you go about it, did you provide the other members of the group with paper and then did you go through instructions, whilst demonstrating how it is done?? I hope I have got a decent presentation idea (I'm worried).
    Also did you do the masters paper question, if so can you remember what it was about? I just do not know what to expect.
    Have you got a place on the course? Have you gone part time or full time??
    Hope you can help again.
    Thanks Lauren :)
  7. Yup I got offered a place for the part time course, starting in 2013 but I also applied for a full time course at Leeds Met so have to decide! I think origami works well. I handed out some paper for people to choose which sheets they wanted. I had an example of the finished card so I showed that and then just went through it step by step, talking and demonstrating. I made sure that I was watching everyone's progress so that I wasn't going too fast. I also talked about how you can use different paper-old books/maps. if you're doing animals/birds you could talk about how you can make garlands/chains out of them. It can be quiet whilst people are concentrating on folding- so don't worry then but it is useful to have those other ideas to talk about if you worry it's too quiet. Everyone was really really lovely-it was definitely the nicest part of the day.
    The MA paper was just to write a response to that article. I can't remember if there was a specific question.
    Hope that's useful! Sarah
  8. Oh thankyou for that, I feel a little more confident now. Did you apply for part time 2013, I'm slightly worried now as I have applied for part time 2012, I hope the course is not full! I have the induction on Saturday, I must feel better after hearing some information about the course.
    Thank you Lauren
  9. Is anybody going to the interview in March? Im so nervous! I think I will be ok o the tests because I can revise them but im worried about the presentations and Im finding it hard to think of a good subject! Has anybody been to a recent interview?
  10. Thanks Sarah this is a big help! Sooo...
    - are all the subject tests multiple choice? What sort of things did it cover in English?
    - can you remember any of the questions they asked in the actual interview?
    - for the written task I'm struggling as to what to write about, I've broken it down into bullet points but am not 100% what they want from me, I've found it difficult to engage with the text, its all I've been reading since I got it. This is my biggest worry!
    Sorry about all of the questions, I want this sooo badly, I just want to make sure I secure a place!
    My interview is 2nd Feb.
    Thanks Laura x
  11. Yup, all subject tests are multiple choice. 10 qus for each. I can't remember too much but for the English one there is a piece of text and then you answer questions on that, like what tense is the writing in, how many spelling mistakes on one line, purpose of the text (whether its information, persuasive etc) that kind of thing. For the actual interview they asked about my experiences, what kind of teacher i would be (how the kids would describe me), what methods i would use to balance the workload. I think for that they just want to check that you understand the role of the teacher and what is required of you, that your expectations of the course are on track. They also give you a scenario-like what would you do if you were teaching a class and one of your pupils threw up or two came in after having a fight at playtime. Again, you just need to show that you're thinking how you would need to respond to a situation. Just use common sense and you'll be fine! Easy to say but don't panic about the essay too much- just show that you've considered the essay and its implications. As long as you can show that you can think critically and evaluate things as well as stringing a coherent sentence together, you'll be fine. I have to admit I hadn't done too much prep for that as I was more worried about the science and maths tests. Those parts won't be the make or break issues- you get sent marks with their decisions. If they're worried about a certain part (like one of your subjects) they'll tell you, you need to work on it but they won't base their decision on that.
    When's your interview?
    Sending you good luck vibes. Sarah x
  12. Hi, The interview went great! I found out tonight that I have been accepted!!!
    The Subjects tests & written task - didnt do too well at all! but I did well in the Group task - teaching a skill to a class of candidates and the interview went well too only a few questions which were straight forward - how would you deal with certain situations, and Sell yourself! Hope you did well too!
  13. leah1818

    leah1818 New commenter

    Hi nada329 what date is your interview in March? I have mine in March as well. When are you hoping to start? Tim told me to apply for the one that has already just started as if all goes well he can squeeze me onto it. Nervous as this all seems like such a major rush in terms of finance etc also I am sure everybody has got to know each other aswell. I REALLY want to do this course so I am very excited for the opportunity, I just hope it goes ok. Did you get the paper Teaching as a Masters profession?
    Any tips and advice for the interview day people? Especially for the written task on teaching as a masters profession. Did anybody else get this one?

  14. Hi Leah, I have my pgce interview this week and starting to get worried particularly about the written task! i just cant seem to grasp what we have to write! Is their any tips or advice you have about that? Would be sooo helpful!
  15. Your grammar should be your first port of call...
  16. Hi, I know this is an old thread but I have an interview at YSJ on Friday and the website and email I received didn't say that there would be any tests on the day. The website states that part time PGCE applicants take a written test but not that full time ones do. Were you aware of the test before you took it and it happens that they have changed it this year?

    Also, is the group task in a room with just you, your group and the observer, as the task I've prepared could be distracting for other groups.

    Thank you so much if you manage to reply to this!
  17. Hi,

    I have an interview at ysj on Friday too! is yours for upper or lower primary?

    The email I received gave information of the things we need to prepare for. Some you find on the website and there is also an attachment to the email, in order for you to prepare in advance.

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