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Has anyone got a new puppy after losing an old dog?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by May2, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    I have not had a very good holiday after losing our poor old boy during the first week of the holiday. Being the holiday has made it worse as I am home and the house has been so empty.Anyway I obviously have known due to age and health that the time was coming and always thought I would get another. I have been really upset still in tears most days but last week I started looking on the internet for puppies, thinking may be October half term would be a good time, thinking of a new puppy cheered me up and we have been thinking of a name for it. However looking on the internet they all have been too far away and somehow I think I was pleased as half of me thinks I'm being disloyal to my last one, I know it's ridiculous. Anyway today I have had an email from a breeder to say they will have puppies ready at the end of November. This has suddenly thrown me and I just wonder if I am doing the right thing.
    We had our last boy nearly 15 years ago when our youngest child was still at primary school now there are just the 2 of us with adult child temporarily ( I hope! ) back home. I only teach mornings so am home the rest of the time.The breed we will get will be the same as before a large very laid back lazy dog, well our other one was. I just wonder how people who may be in a similar position have found the puppy stage and the chewing and energy which could come as a shock to me. I do remember until our other one calmed down he could pull extremely strongly if he saw a cat the other side of the road and did once pull our 11 year old over .
    I do need to have a puppy and not a rescue dog as I would miss that lovely cute puppy stage.
    Going back to school next week I know I will come home and miss my afternoon walk, there are fields all round us but it doesn't seem right to me to walk without a dog.

  2. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    I know exactly how you feel. Two and a half years ago my gorgeous old Springer had to be put to sleep (a week before my birthday) and like you although I knew it was coming it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to cope with. She was a rescue dog (I had her from when she was about 6-7) and then had her for just over 8 years. I needed to know I would get another dog (I like how they make the house feel) but I also needed about 6 months to really be able to do this. I also knew that this time I needed a puppy as I didn't think I could handle only 8 years with a dog this time.
    I think it is important to get yourself a new pup when you can have a bit of time at home (I got my 2 year old springer as an 11 week old puppy in the last 4 weeks of the summer holiday) - so if you could perhaps get yours around Christmas time (I know I know) that would give you a couple of weeks to establish housetraining etc ...
    For me the biggest shock was going from a lazy laid back old dog to a puppy who has more energy and curiosity than anything else (even though they are exactly the same breed and look uncannily similar they are very different) - but it is totally worth it! To help 'cope' with the puppy phase I found puppy training classes brilliant (The Puppy School run them all over the country) ...
    Also I think that my old springer would be happy to know I've got a new companion, even if she does enjoy mud far too much, so don't feel guilty for getting a new dog.
    Good Luck & Best Wishes
  3. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Hi my mum lost her beloved dog July 1st.. as you will know it is just like loosing a child. She has now got a new puppy, she was looking for a rescue dog.. but they all seem to warn of being near young children and she has her grand children. My sister just bought her a puppy, and she is now so happy again and looks well again (had been looking so down), she said her whole routine had changed and so missed her walks etc.. just lke you.
    The puppy milo has settled in well and both are happy she said will never forget her old dog but is so glad now has the puppy, my mum is no spring chicken and walks with a stick, but he is keeping her entertained and has chews to chew.. although he gets lively at 5, and likes to jump and nibble.. this stage wont last forever will it. he doesnt go wild with me, as when he tried i shouted no firmly at him as i would one of the children haha .. (being slightly nervous of dogs and not wanting them jumping or nibbling me).. he already sits when asked.. that took 5 minutes of training, hes a bright little thing. its a jackapoodle.. had his first walk yesterday and walked well on the lead within minutes..
    Id say get another one, so many need good happy homes.. the puppy stage is short lived and fun, and you can use the spray to stop them chewing (not all chew furniture anyway, my mums last one did a lovely staffy, this one likes an old slipper and pigs ears)
    You sound just like my mum.. she felt like you.. and theres a lovely dog just waiting for you that needs you as much as you need it.
  4. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Sorry I have just realised I have put this on Early Years and not Personal so thanks for your replies without moaning at me!
  5. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    Hehe! I hadn't even noticed! It flashed up on that bubble thing in the corner!
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I lost my old dog earlier in the year and know exactly what you mean about coming home to an empty house but we've adopted a rescue dog on the first day of the holidays - he's 7 months old so still puppified in many ways. Dogs Trust do have puppies as well as older dogs, our local centre had newborns when we visited so it might be another option.
  7. Cinders2000

    Cinders2000 New commenter

    I'm so sorry for your loss and I so understand how you feel as mid October last year I lost my beloved Patch, my white Border Collie/springer. He was15 and I cannot describe the total desolation I felt, I missed him every day (and still do, I still can't watch our videos). However towards the end of November I knew that I had to have another dog.

    I went to see some puppies but was't tempted and walked away until I saw an advert for a Jackchi (Jack x chihuahua) and was drawn to them. I didn't even know there was such a thing! Anyway, he is totally different and I've grown to love him to bits. He hasn't replaced Patch but he has started to mend the gap in my life.

    I work full time but he has my daughter's dog as company and we have a dog walker most days so they have at least 3 good runs a day and everything seems fine. So in a nutshell, listen to your own heart and go for it. I've not regretted my new addition at all although it's been very different to go from my old boy to a new bouncy puppy!
  8. Such a sad time as a dog really is a best friend when everything else in the world seems a bit much :( our last dog - a rescue Annie - died on my daughters birthday 7 years ago - not great timing! We got another young rescue within 6 weeks as we couldn't bear the empty house.(A 7 month old mutt) Nutty is a fantastic lovely dog and again i wouldn't be without her but even thinking bout Annie as a write this makes me tearful! You are def ok to get another dog if you are a doggy person - they will never replace your old dog but bring different fun and good times. Yes definitely get one and i look forward to hearing what you get :)
  9. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Sorry I haven't been back on here as when I realised I was on the wrong forum I copied it over to Personal and have been replying over there. I have now deceded to go ahead and get another Golden Retriever.
  10. aaah thats lovely! Enjoy!

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