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Has anyone got a challenge area in their classroom?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by tickles, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Just wondering of any exciting ways to display the area to make the children think its a 'exciting area' also what sort of challenges do you set?

    any ideas welcome
  2. Just wondering of any exciting ways to display the area to make the children think its a 'exciting area' also what sort of challenges do you set?

    any ideas welcome
  3. Oooh I like the sound of this! Perhaps I could make some challenge posters... any ideas would be gratefully received too!

  4. linre

    linre New commenter

    This sounds exciting what sort of challenges would you put there? I think this could be an idea for my more able yr 1 children who love a challenge
  5. ooo i feel honoured that 2 people like my idea even though i haven't got far with developing it yet! i think we are going to make it linked to maths puzzles and problems, i have a picture in my mind of a wizards hat to put on when they are working there like they are important he he
  6. linre

    linre New commenter

    My yr ones would love that!! Would you put a challenge in there for the week so that everyone had the chance to try it or change it daily or put lots of challenges in?
  7. As part of our G and T provision all our classes have a challenge corner. It tends to be easier with older children as they can read the instructions! I found though that in my reception class it is more useful to have a daily challenge - i.e. today all the children had to have a go at completing a new jigsaw puzzle either by themselves or with a friend.
  8. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    We had a daily challenge for a while though didn't formalise it in an area as such - good idea though!

    Some examples we did include:

    find the longest carrot (5 carrots labelled A-E)
    Find the heaviest box (% boxes labelled A-E)

    - both worked just by comparison so no rulers/scales needed.

    Have also done things like magic eye pictures or a 'wheres wally' type acivity.
  9. What about a challange a day/couple of days - children have to work something out/predict??? For example Guess how many moon rocks in the jar?
    write answers on a post it - everyone who enters gets a certificate. I do this with nursery and it really encourages children to have a go at e.g. writing numbers, their name etc.
  10. I love this idea - am going to start it in my Rec class next week.
    What other challenges could we have?

    Guess how many ... in the jar
    Find the biggest...
    Write ... words

    any other ideas?
  11. oh nooo not another bleedin area...

    I've got:

    international banking area
    document counterfeiting area
    sweatshop awareness area
    Play crematoruim area

    For goodness sake the whole ****ing class is a challenge area!
  12. I fill two pots with different number of items i.e one with 15 straws, one with 9 2d shapes (have a small display board saying how many.....above each pot). I leave two pads, 2pencils and trays to put their name and answers in then do the results at the end of the day and give stickers to those who get the right answer.its great to see lots of my children doing it and asking how to write a number. It also allows me to see their number formation.
  13. Jo that's a fab idea. I love the idea of a direct challenge to the children - I have one boy who sometimes will only make an effort if I challenge him directly!
  14. Great ideas- I will try some out. Littlebuggers your message made me laugh!! I know that feeling!!
  15. maybe you could challnege children to make something in the construction area. can they draw it first? take a photo of it when it is done. if they thin it is a challenge they will do it!!

    put a big container in the water. challenge the children to find differnet ways to fill it.

    how many areas can you play in and what did you do?

    wouls love some more ideas for different areas cause we are thinking about doing this but i dont feel very creative x
  16. I bought the book 'Meeting the Challenge' published by Featherstone Education after attending a course in Kent.
    It has some good ideas for all subjects. We are trying to introduce the challenges in 'choosing' time and they last until everyone has done it. For instance, our science topic has been 'light'. The challenge was to find the best curtains for the captain's cabin using material pieces, a converted shoebox and a torch in the dark pirate's cave. Everyone wanted their turn and all were engaged. Other challenges have been, draw a treasure map and write out instructions to find the treasure, make a pirate game, sort out the treasure and find a way of recording it. It has really made child initiated time valuable.
  17. I have a challenge area. I have some cubes and they can either copy the pattern or gather a certain amount of cubes or add together a certain amount of cubes. Fun fun fun! The children always put the cubes away at tidy up time though - they forget they are meant to stay there lol.
  18. I have a challenge area in my reception class. I have challenges such as what words can you think of that rhyme with hat? I have a literacy basket, a maths basket and a creative basket. I tend to make challenges specific to the ELG's so that when children choose to do a challenge i can use it ias child initiated evidence, if you give me your email i will send you some challenges and a photo of my display

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