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Has anyone gone back to work 1 day a week?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I'm going to be having the conversation with my head shortly about going back to work and am planning on requesting 1 day a week. He knows that I will be requesting part-time and he has previously been fine with others coming back from maternity leave PT but most of them are 0.4 or 0.6. I was just wondering if anyone else had requested 1 day and what response they got.
  2. I went back in September 2 days a week but have found this pretty hard going and so am reducing my hours further to 1 day a week from this coming September. My OH does 1 day of childcare so we worked out that if we factored out the childcare for the second day, I was only getting paid about £20 to do the second day. I never really applied to reduce my hours further but a conversation with our school finance manager resulted in her managing to check and see that the figures would work for the school to employ me as a non-class-based teacher for 1 day a week. It went to governors without me having even spoken to the head about it properly.
  3. I am 2.5 days (secondary) and would hate to be doing less. I already find the planning load disproportionate and also have to share almost all my classes which leads to inconsistency in behaviour and lots of time handing over etc. But in primary perhaps it's really different as you can cover PPA and stuff?
  4. I am intrigued as to how two days were too many?! How many children have you got? I understand people's circumstances are different, but... I couldn't imagine working one day either; what is the point? Sorry that is so unhelpful. PPA cover would be fine for one day but I don't think I'd bother!
  5. You must be a long way up the payscale if one day a week is financially viable! In all seriousness, I know that someone at my place was turned down for one day as it was just seen as not being viable...this was secondary and it would have caused all sorts of probs not least for that person. I can imagine it would be quite difficult to put forward a case for SMT to consider (which remember is all they are legally obliged to do) which would clearly show why 1 day a week is better for you and them. I had to do this to get 0.5 which I am going back on in September and that was tricky enough.
  6. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    If you want 1 day a week, you need to find a way that you could slot in somewhere eg covering classes for ppa or subject release if you're primary... no experience of secondary I'm afraid. I'm going back to work 2 days a week from Sept, LO will be 9 months old. I'm happy with this especially the fact that it's not a jobshare. There was a part timer on 1 day a week at the secondary school I went to, she shared classes with another part timer.
    Surely this depends on the OP's circumstances eg OH's salary, childcare arrangements etc. If I have the chance to do 1 day a week in the future, I'll be there like a shot!
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Just out of interest, why was it too much? Not having a dig here at all but any experience of going p/t is appreciated!
  8. I'm only mainscale but in my book it's financially viable if it means I can afford to put food on the table as opposed to going hungry [​IMG] Again I know that it's down to personal preference but I would rather have a frugal lifestyle and not take holidays than have to spend time at work away from my daughter.
    My OH works 4 days a week so if I went back one day we wouldn't have to pay childcare costs. I'm really hoping that it works out but a lot of the posts on here aren't encouraging me much [​IMG]
  9. This is exactly what I was referring to, hannah_lewis's comment and I was asking her how many children she had- just out of interest. Sorry it wasn't the OP who wrote that hence why it might have caused confusion. I still think one day a week is pretty pointless but if you're lucky enough to get it granted and for it to be on the day that OH doesn't work at least you wouldn't have to pay childcare.
  10. Oh and I think it will depend on the size of your school; in a small school you could cover all of the teachers' PPA for example, but in mine that would be impossible so there is no way a teacher could viably do one day a week. I am hoping that one day I may be lucky enough to be accepted for PPA cover but at the moment we have one part time teacher and a number of long term supply (who swan in with the kids and leave with the kids..... yes, I'm bitter, and I apologise if it comes across in my responses! [​IMG]) As it stands, I will only be allowed full time.
    I guess the useful point of my post is that you need to have a really good argument why they should accept your request, so that they cannot realistically give a good "business reason" to say no. Good luck!
  11. After I had my daughter I stopped work altogether. Now she is 3 I am doing 1 day a week doing PPA cover. Luckily for me she goes to the pre school next to the school I am working in (not part of the school) so we use her funded hours hence no childcare costs. (Well, we did for the first term as she was not eligable for funding until January)
    I find that the one day gives us money for the supermarket shop and the odd treat (taking daughter to soft play once in a while etc). Mind you, I also end up doing loads at home (as for some reason I don't get any PPA time....I am sure I should). Finacially a second day would make our lives much easier, but there is not much part time work around here, and we have decided we would rather be very frugal and keep me a basically a SAHM at leats until she goes to school.
  12. I am primary!
  13. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    You have mail, ellesabe.

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