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Has anyone ever had their work published?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jamjag, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I'm just toying with a few ideas now that I'm back on the supply list. Has anyone ever had their resources published? If so, what did you do? How easy is it? How do you find and approach a publisher?
    I have an idea for a book, but I'm not sure how to approach the task.
  2. Hi,
    I'm just toying with a few ideas now that I'm back on the supply list. Has anyone ever had their resources published? If so, what did you do? How easy is it? How do you find and approach a publisher?
    I have an idea for a book, but I'm not sure how to approach the task.
  3. yes, was a co author for longman maths scheme - mathsworks. was recommended by a colleague, but was quite easy at the time as i was an advisory teacher.
    could you maybe approach publisher with your idea?
  4. Thanks Barley, I hope to look into this. Your experience sounds exciting though!
  5. When I was at uni I had several short stories published and was third prize in Cosmos writer of the year 1992
    I then had the same agent as Martina Cole but didn't get anywhere!

    In teaching I have been published in TES, Child and Junior Education. I have contributed to Getting the ******* to Think and am a chapter in another Sue Cowley book.
  6. Does anything in reader's wives count?
  7. I've been lucky to have had a few things published. If you look on publishers websites most of them have an area called 'submissions' or 'authors' or 'how to contact'. These will say if they are interested in new ideas and also guidelines on how to submit these are usually given. Make sure that what you have written fits in with their 'catalogue' or focus, but also adds something to it. Another alternative is to buy the Writers and Artists Yearbook - a new edition comes out each year at this time - it lists all publishers and their requirements. There is one specially for Children's writers. Look on amazon. Good luck.
  8. Ha Ha luckywookie, you made me smile!!!

    Daisy xx ;o)
  9. I got paid by TES because they wanted to publish a comment I made in a thread.
  10. What comment was that Brenden and im surprised they cant just use comments from their message board
  11. Hi,

    People often assume that getting a teaching book published is as tricky as getting a novel in print. But I can assure you it's not. Educational publishers tend to be on the look out the whole time for new materials, resources and books. They're not quite 'crying out' for stuff, but it's not far off.

    You'll need to create a proposal to send to publishers, along with some sample material. Most publishers will let you have an outline proposal that you can fill in. Then write a couple of chapters, get hold of the writer's handbook or similar, and send it to the right publishers (make sure that they publish that particular type of material, not all of them publish resources).

    But just to warn you, the hard bit isn't getting your book accepted, it's actually getting it written. The average educational book will have about 50-70,000 words, and that's an awful lot of writing to do if you teach full time. But I'm not meaning to put you off, and you can always start small by submitting ideas and articles to the TES, or helping out an author like juliateacher did for me (hi there jt!)
  12. Wow - I answered this thread about my experiences, day ago, but it has not appeared!!

    Maybe I am barred!!!!!!!!!

    I will watch this space ....
  13. See that - that was Sue Cowley saying hi to me that was!
    Made my day! lol

    I still want to be a published author of children's books - will certainly work on it over the holidays.

    Rejection letters are horrible though!

  14. I never got one - accepted straight away!!
  15. I have been interviewed for the TES August 15th edition.

    They are publishing an article on people who come from a long line of teachers.

    There are 14 in my family and I shall be the fourth generation Head Teacher.

    Article in the colour magazine.
  16. I love getting in TES - when we got in the after Sats article it was fab but even nicest was giving journalist email addresses of others she could contact.

    OD - wow that is impressive!!
    Mine are coal miners - you should see how my arms have adapted etc I'd have been good down the pits!
  17. But your own books, with your name on the front, in brochures that go round staffrooms .... the burst of pride goes on and on and on!!!!
  18. When I used to get short stories published it was fab but then I became a teacher and couldn't find the time. I have 3 children's books on the go but never the time to finish them. I will one day!

    Sometimes just helping people is enough - it is that idea that you are helping others - which is what this forum is about.
  19. myrtle

    myrtle Occasional commenter

    So go on Gertie, what happened to you then, sounds interesting?!

    I have to say I haven't ever come close, but does being recorded on the radio count?..and tv for that matter?....


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