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Has anyone else noticed that the sticky threads are the ones that flies and moths are most attracted to?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Duke of York, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    It's uncanny. When I refresh the Forums and the sticky threads appear at the top, if there's an insect in our locality, they make a bee line for it in a similar way they take an interest in flypaper. Goodness knows why this happens, but it does.

    Thankfully too for my cat, whose sole purpose on this earth is to find things that deserve being killed if they aren't as strokeable as he is.

    Cats are fascinating creatures. I watched ours walk up the side of a wardrobe yesterday, to get to the top and lie on the suitcase that's on top of it. A seemingly impossible feat, but he did it as easily as Jesus walked on water. A bit of a bounce to get him started but with a couple of strides after that, he was there and settled down.

    How do they know that sort of thing's possible? Do they practice somewhere for it?

    Mind you, you wouldn't want an athletic cat like that sleeping on top of your wardrobe if you intend to sleep in the same room. They'll get bored when the lights go and they realise it's hunting time. Cats that can walk up wardrobes ain't lightweight kittens no more, so when they leap off to catch something, they ain't either as graceful as you imagine. They land will a thump on your bed and couldn't care less if they upset your dreams.

  2. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    The thing about cats knowing they're able to walk up wardrobes and things like that is that they DO practice, but just the once, and if it doesn't work they get all embarrassed and huffy and won't try again, so you don't see the stuff they can't do, only the stuff they know they can. Because your cat can do it, it does.

    That said, I had a cat once who couldn't walk along the edge of the bath (with me in it) without falling in, but he kept on trying...

    The two I have now are ancient (recently arrived from rescue shelter), and struggle on and off the bed all night, and on and off the window sill too, getting themselves tangled in the vertical blinds, and scrabbling desperately at the duvet because they sadly lack the bounce to get started. I don't sleep like I used to, but they're very content with life again, which is why I had them.

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