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Has anyone else had a deferred offer for 2012 rather than this year?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Missvictoriabrown, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. My first choice, informed me on Friday, after having my interview on 2nd December and waiting patient, with even a letter of intent subject to funnding sent in Jan, that I was being offered a place for 2012 entry with the knowledge I was on the waiting list for this year.
    I am very pleased, in the knowing I will be a teacher in the future as that has been my new dream since working in schools for the last three years as a TA and a Cover supervisor.
    I think that the course has only 10 places, so I recognise how lucky I am to been offered a future place. At first, I was slightly disheartened and could not think what more I could have done, I really prepared for interview, have the qualifications, do extra curriculum activities and have teaching experience.
    But, after speaking with my school's headmistress she reassured me that this was all positive. I have an extra year to prepare more experience and she also made me aware she has plans for my developments, by teaching some BTEC dance which would be brilliant as Dance goes hand in hand with Drama.
    Also I have started an As English language and literature this year and will be able to change this into an A'level and I am well aware that with a teaching qualification in Drama they like you to also be able to teach English, so another positive as why one extra year may be a blessing in disguish.
    If someone does drop out and I'm offered the chance to go in 2011 I will go and train this year.
    I know the fees will go up but theire are grants and student finance help, its only money and I have to look at the bigger picture that will take me half a year to pay back when on a teaching wage.
    My only worry with all the changes is if the course will run in 2012, but the university has ensured me that they would fight for it as they are one provider in six in the UK. This stresses to me, how competitive the Drama PGCE is so how can I not be smiling:)

    Thoughts? anyone else in this situation?
  2. I really admire your positive attitude - with that you will go very far.
    I hope things work out for you this year or in 2012.

  3. Thanks everyone!
    this is my thrid year of applying and I recognise that I needed to gain the exxperiences I have to prepare me and I would not have been ready back then.
    You have to be determined to do this the application process only really allows you to apply to one or two inistitutes each year. This was the first year I gained an interview and to have been offered a deferred place which is brilliant.
    I have been reading post on here, from people who have been rejected- well that has been me over the last two years so don't give up! I'm not, its one extra year! which I can use to gain more skills and experiences and like you said have a wider subject knowledge.
    well done if you have gained a place for this year :)
  4. Your positive attitude is really inspiring :) well done for getting a place, I hope it all works out for you!
  5. It's the University of Plymouth for secondary Drama.

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