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Has anyone else been in all week trying to set up their classroom?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Miss Piggywig, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    I have been in for 3 days and don't seem to have really got going. Does everyone else do this or can you walk in on the training day to set up the areas?
  2. yes and no!!
    Is it a classroom that is new to you? I have just left a school after 6 years and have to confess that I have prob done very little in the sense of setting up classrooms since the first year I was there. Previously I was in a job for 4 years and spent a lot of every summer in school BUT each year I had a new room and I think that makes a big dfference.
    This year I have had to transform a hell hole (there is no other word) and I have been in 9am - 1pm 3 days (while my son is at nursery) and then done bits at home between each visit to take in. I was however lucky and had the whole of the last day of term to make a start on sortng a few bits and chucking out rubbish!
    I think sometimes (and this is no criticism) we use what time we have. Now I have my son no way would I spend time in school when I would rather be at home with him. Having said that I am not sure I could not go in at all before that first INSET day.
    sorry rambled on a bit but in short I DO feel your pain and remember that you still have time to change and add things once the children are there.
  3. II have been in a total of 10 days, not in a row, but since the holidays started - taking a very long time to get everything straight, and I have a life!! It just needed doing and it does take a very long time in some instances! I could never, and would never leave it for a training day! Don't worry.
  4. We've had building work carried out during the holidays and it's the first time I haven't been in to school to sort out my class room during the long holidays.

    I dread to think what state my class room will be in. I doubt I will be able to find anything and the place will be filthy.

  5. I would have been in, but have lost my keys....damnit!!! [​IMG]
  6. After 10 years out of the classroom working as a Head and now an Early Years Consultant I agreed (in a moment of madness) to go back into Nursery for half a term to induct the children, set up the environment and train the staff in KS1!
    Went in 2 weeks ago just to familiarise myself with the environment and have been in every day since from 7am till about 2pm! So no, it is not just you!
    I am making some fairly major changes to the environment to reflect my ethos and have a go at some of the best practice I have seen around the country - but even with all my years of experience (my own and others) it still isn't easy. I have changed my 'maluable materials area' around at least 14 times!
    I am blogging the 'experience' including photographs of what I have done and some planning formats that support the areas I have set up - log on and have a look - it will make you feel better!
    abc does...

  7. Same here Teddy B, I am trying not to have a major panic attack, I'm moving to a new school too.....
    Alastair, I like some of your ideas. You didn't mention outdoors, will you be doing freeflow?
  8. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    *tries not to look smug. Fails miserably*
    I re-orgnised my whole EYU during the first week and a half of the holidays. Thought it best to do it then, while my head was still in 'work mode' and I hadn't lapsed into 'holiday mode'.
    I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did! Now I can just walk in on the first day back and get straight on...

  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I used to do that then find the cleaners re-organised everything and I still had to go in the last week to re-organise again.

    We have painters in working so I'm going in next week to see what's what
  10. Funny - I did the same as you - thought best to do it when all the isdeas were still in my head![​IMG]

    Went in yesterday - and thought this does look good , but the proof will be in the childrens response to it all !!!!
  11. I love your blog - so good of you to share!!!!!
    Your ideas are clear and sensible! Glad to have found it - may I refer some colleagues to acces it via facebook?[​IMG]

  12. I have been popping in and out all Summer waiting for the flippin cleaners to clean but it is still as revolting as when i left it! I refuse to clean it but did have to do the sinks as they smelt disgusting. I cleaned out a cupboard that i never get time to do but am desperate to set up as we have 2 days of first aid so there will be no time on the INSETs.
  13. I was in everyday last week, but it's my choice and I am pleased with the outcome. THe role play area is a pirate ship.[​IMG] I have cleared out a cupboard that I have wanted to do for the past 2 years and I have working walls set up and ready to go. Hopefully the children will benefit from my endeavours.
  14. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    I'm not the only one then. My classroom is useable now which is good. All walls backed and I have time on wednesday to put up peg labels and my working walls, so all set to go. In a way its been nice to do it slowly.
  15. I have been in more than I ever have before because I've moved rooms but I am really pleased that I've been in. I totally agree with the poster who said you use the time you have,
  16. The selfish S.O.B I inherited my classroom from couldn't even bother to clear out his own personal belongings much else leave the classroom in a decent state for me to move into. I've spent 8 full days (9am - 6pm) clearing out the mess he left. I would have liked to have spent those days making the class my own! Sorry, I just needed to vent. :(
  17. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I know how you feel my predecessor even left the leaving cards and gifts children had given him!
  18. youre lucky, my school is locked - i would love to get going.

  19. Well, consider yourselves lucky! I spent Saturday evening outside of the school watching one of the buildings burn down. Four teachers have lost everything in their classrooms, never mind the kids work, our inclusion department, entire library and school kitchen....and all those things that we will remember about later on when we can't find them in the other buildings... So having a bit of a mess to come back to is better than not having anything to come back to at all. Good luck next week, everyone!
  20. Your lucky . we were told the building work would be finished on the 4th week , have been told might be able to go in on fri this week !! I work in the F S unit , so as you can imagine I am stressed and i'm only the TA[​IMG]

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