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Has anyone else applied for PGCE primary at Leedsmet?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Emrod, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hi Clare, firstly congratulations on getting in :) Looking forward to starting now. I cannot make the May evening, if you do go could you let me know if it was informative in any way. Best wishes Andy
  2. Hi! I also have a place on the course. I was wondering if anyone has sent off their crb yet? If so, have you had it back?
  3. Handed mine in on the 15th. Average turnaround time is approximately 4 - 6 weeks although it can take longer during busy periods. If you took a copy of the form reference number you can track it - just type in crb tracking in your search engine.

    P.S. well done on getting in. Andy
  4. I did take the reference number but then lost it .. You can retrieve it if you call them, which I did but they said they havent recieved it. I made my payment on 8th june and thought Leeds Met were sending them once they had recieved the payment ... Do you know if yours has reached them yet?
  5. Just checked not on the system yet. More than likely they wil go on this week!?! I hope :)
  6. Brill - thanks a bunch for checking :)
  7. OfficialRyan

    OfficialRyan New commenter

    I've gotten in as well :)

    Bit rubbish saying this 'after' the pre-induction day like!!
  8. S o has anyone had there CRB through yet? I haven't ... argh!
  9. Still heard nothing, checked online a couple of times now. However still see the same message that it hasn't been submitted and to contact the umbrella organisation. I am sure it's all fine and it's just a combination of end of term and the Olympics!

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