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Has anyone done this course with stonebridge college

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by billie80, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. billie80

    billie80 New commenter

    Hi all 1st time posting, i'm 37 looking at different career as i have always been self employed. In the past i have helped now & again in my sons school year 1,2,3 and have come in and done little workshops about my religion in the past. I've got my placement within the school to start after easter and with ££ i have looked online as i still have to work for myself so this fits around it than going into my local college which is way to much ££.
    Has anyone done this course with Stonebridge online Teaching Assistant: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Certificate (RQF) Level 3. I have checked with Ofqual and this is recognized qualification, can anyone share some light on this course please! ;)
  2. Hi billie80, I have completed this but the specialist course (has an extra 4 units). I used to work in retail when doing this course (I completed in Sept last yr) and was offered a job in the school I completed my placement hours. Some of the course units are very long winded and completion will depend on how much time you have for each unit but if this is the career you want to be in go for it. It was the best decision I made, I now enjoy my job and have time to be with my family. Good luck
  3. jackyruth

    jackyruth New commenter

    Hi,I completed my Level 3 with Stonebridge and they were really helpful. The feedback was timely and constructive.
    Good luck x
  4. naffy13

    naffy13 New commenter

  5. naffy13

    naffy13 New commenter

    Hi Lisa,
    I’m currently studying this course (level 3 diploma specialist support) and I’m really struggling, I’ve contacted my tutor/ assessor but not getting anywhere. I’m so close to quitting it’s becoming so stressful! Please can you help!

    Thank you

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