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Has anyone done the PGCE in dubai?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by teachingkills, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Hi, quick question.... I am one of those unlucky peeps who is doing ever so well in my PGCE Course but have failed the Skills test. This means I will get my PGCE cert but will not get my NQT status until another two years prior to passing the test after two years. I wanted to know.... I wanted to know can I still teach abroad, if I was to have my PGCE cert still? because, many jobs I have seen abroad says you need a PGCE.
  2. Angelil

    Angelil Occasional commenter

    Wondering if anyone can help me with this one?
  3. pgrass

    pgrass New commenter

    How is failing the skills test even possible? It is **** easy.
  4. Boomshaka

    Boomshaka New commenter

    I have to say that throughout my extensive experience over many years of teaching in British international schools overseas, I have witnessed many NQTs who have trained in the UK and who have QTS, but when they start work overseas they find themselves confused because the curriculum is largely adapted to suit ESL students and often the style of teaching required and the teaching environment is totally different from the UK. I've known many teachers who are UK qualified who become confused and frustrated because 'its not like they were taught on the PGCE course back home'. For example, Many Asian parents expect their 2 year old to learn phonics and to speak English not long before they've started school. Most don't understand the benefits of a play-based curriculum and I've experienced many international schools are are out of touch with what's going on in the UK. Plus, a UK PGCE with QTS doesn't give the learner any in-depth knowledge of ESL teaching. And 'yes' you will come across many British International schools who have a large percentage of EAL requirements due to the increasing number of private for profit enterprises who accept many non-native students for financial gains. I've seen many teachers with QTS struggle because the end up with 1/3 to 1/4 of their 15-20 pupil class who don't know a word of English! This makes it pretty difficult to teach subjects such as Maths in spoken English! Think word problems that Year 1 students are expected to read and solve in English. I think the question international schools should be asking is 'How much international school teaching experience does the candidate have?'.
  5. sabrinakat

    sabrinakat Star commenter

    Not sure why you've responded to a thread that is over 2 years old. Odd rant and not relevant, either....
  6. Aisha06

    Aisha06 New commenter

    Hi, can any one explain to me the difference between M.Ed and PGCE.
    Secondly which courses can help me to excel as a teacher in UAE?
  7. Andyboytes

    Andyboytes New commenter

    Hi everyone. I wondered if you could enlighten me? I'm thinking about studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Early Years Education Teaching course through the University of Sunderland: https://www.sunderland.ac.uk/study/education/postgraduate-early-years-teaching/

    This is the Distance Learning course. I live and teach preschoolers in Taiwan. I'm thinking about doing this course, while I'm living abroad. Then, hopefully, once I get the PGCE certificate in education, I will get a well paid teaching position in the Middle East.

    Has anyone completed this course, got the certificate (even though this course doesn't give you a newly qualified early years teacher status) and managed to get a well paid early years teaching position in Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates?

    Thanks for your time,

  8. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Its not the PGCE that counts, its the Qualified Teacher Status QTS that goes with a UK based teacher training that is important.

    Having UK QTS opens many more job opportunities in higher grade institutions.
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