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Has anyone done the PGCE in dubai?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by teachingkills, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. After reading this thread and googled the new PGCE, the content, number of assignments, hours of tuition don't seem to be very different from the gtp. Makes me think that PGCE is nothing more than the gtp with less practical experience!
    I wonder whether the usual countries who refuse to recognize the GTP will frown upon the professional GCE holders and favour the genuine (Master's) PGCE.
    To me, the fact that most UK unis have switched to the "Professional" terminology amounts to admitting that it was not master's level!
  2. djwill

    djwill New commenter

    Sheikha (post 8):

    I'd be interested to hear about your experiences, both of the PGCE and also trying to arrange QTS through the Scottish GTC.

    If you would be willing to pass on your wisdom, I can leave an email address for you to contact me. I'd like to do the course, but want to be prepared in advance of there are going to be problems with things such as access to textbooks etc.
  3. naokal

    naokal New commenter

    I have posted on a different thread, then I was kindly linked to this..
    There is some good info...

    Can anyone update me-anyone done this course?
    Can someone give me upto date emails, links to websites.....
    Any more information would be greatly appreciated..

    I am in Doha, and (obviously) interested in doing the PGCE whilst abroad...

    Thank You.
  4. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    What an interesting PGCE! But sadly no QTS and many international schools ask for state reg.

    OTTs can do a one term QTS by portfolio if they have a job in UK so someone with this overseas PGCE could prob come back to uK and do that I think. Of course best to do a whole year but then run into the issue of the probationary year. So one year and one term required. But surely worth it for many int teachers wanting to enhance their career if they started out as unqualified?

    I just returned to the uk and did a pgce with qts and got my nqt year out if the way. Now looking to go back overseas again. But that PGCE would have been attractive to me if I had known!
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  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    We have someone doing a PGCE who is working voluntarily in our school in Dubai.

    The whole thing seems very wishy washy.

    The tutor does not come out to see him AT ALL during the time he is doing the course, he does NOT have to teach full classes and there is little clarity as to how much teaching he does at all.

    He constantly complains about his UK tutor saying he does not return emails or answer questions properly.

    He has no information to show us regards what the Universities expectations are of him so that we can devise a worthwhile meaningful experience for him based on what he should be doing

    Like I said - wishy washy.
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I must say that I have to agree with stopwatch. The whole thing sounds pretty dodgy to me, if not downright dishonest. Yes, of course there are schools in the Middle East (Dubai in particular, but other places also come to mind) that are not too fussy about the qualifications their teachers may have (or do not have, as the case may be!) However, the better schools, whether in the Middle East or anywhere else, are always going to want to recruit teaching staff who are experienced, properly qualified and who have good references from reputable schools.
    Perhaps one should remember that there are a significant number of schools in the Middle East that employ so-called "teachers" with absolutely no qualifications at all. Let us not forget that a lot of fee-paying schools in Dubai, as in the rest of the Middle East, are businesses first and educational establishments a poor second. This "PGCE" course in Dubai sounds like a new money-making scheme for fatcat Emiratis who do not want to pay proper salaries for qualified teachers. No doubt someone who works for the University of Sunderland is also making a tidy pile of cash.
    It would be very interesting to hear from any teachers who have actually completed this "PGCE" course in Dubai and who have subsequently gone on to get good teaching jobs in the UK. I suspect that most schools in the UK will turn their noses up at these Dubai-based PGCEs that are obviously not the same as a proper, postgraduate PGCE from a recognised British university.
    I would very much like some of the older, more experienced contributors to this forum to give their thoughts and opinions on this Dubai-based "PGCE". It seems to me that we have a duty to warn our younger colleagues about the potential pitfalls.
  7. djwill

    djwill New commenter

    I'm not going to get into the "Should schools employ unqualified teachers?" discussion - needless to say, the school takes a huge risk in doing so.

    A couple of people at our school have done the Sunderland PGCE and I have to say, I was impressed by the thoroughness and commitment it required. The teachers were all teaching a full timetable, then they had back-to-back theory modules throughout the year; a case study; an action research project; and then two blocks of teaching practice (6 and 8 weeks - 75% of the lessons assessed for the first block and then all lessons assessed for the second - by "assessed" I mean a full lesson plan and evaluation submitted. In addition, lessons were observed by their mentor and then two external monitored lessons from someone from Sunderland also happened).

    During the teaching practices, they had to meet the same NQT teaching standards as they would in the UK, providing evidence to support this.

    This is the same course that is followed by UK students studying for PGCEs in Sunderland itself and the people at our school found it an exceptionally hard year, especially on a full timetable.

    On their course, it was made perfectly clear to them that this qualification would not allow them to teach in a UK state school (but that it was a beginning, if they wanted to, in the future), rather that it was designed with international teachers in mind.

    So, again, I'm not saying if its good or bad, just supplying more information.

    There are other PCGEs offered through UK universities which are not so rigorous, but I don't have as much information on them.

    (Sorry for the block of text - my composed message has aesthetically-pleasing breaks between sections)
  8. Hi, I have no Idea how to get your QTS, but I really want to do my PGCE In Dubai.... which UK university does? please please... reply ...thanks a lot Tan1a
  9. You can do an overseas/distance learning PGCE through the University of Sunderland and Nottingham Uni. Doing this course doesn't give you QTS, you would have to do GTP when you came back to the UK, but where this would normally last a year, you can do it in 3 months. I know someone who did her PGCE in Spain through Sunderland and when she was offered a job in the UK they said they would combine her GTP with her NQT year.....I guess all schools do it differently. Sunderland stopped closed applications on 30th June and I was told that Nottingham was full....but you'd have to contact them and check. My friend did her PGCE through the Open University here, they may have an overseas course? Good luck!
  10. Hi Cribster
    I am from Doha-Qatar and planning to relocate to London next year. I am interested in the PGCE course in Dubai. Would you be able to help me with a few more details abt the course..fees.. accepted in UK or not.... accommodation in Dubai... work opportunities during stay in Dubai..
    Really appreciate your help.
  11. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    No invincible I disagree! A real PGCE from a british university taken in the UK has real teaching practice andthe holder has had to teach and be assessed. That is based on the QTS standards and the same assessments are used as evidence to get QTS. As I said before rarely a student will pass the PGCE and fail the skills tests. However a British PGCE shows both practical and theoretical teaching knowledge.

    The international PGCEs can do what they like. It's to help those that need a piece of paper with PGCE on it. Without the teaching observations and subject knowledge it is just 60 credit towards a masters in education certificate. Of only limited value to an experienced teacher without teaching qualifications who needs a piece of paper to keep his or her job or to get a visa. That's what the previous post referred to. When pressed the uni will admit what it really is.
  12. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Which is what I meant when I said when done in the UK, it includes a QTS element.
  13. gildubai

    gildubai New commenter

    The Sunderland PGCE has 2 teaching blocks and is an overseas teaching qualification unlike the Nottingham course.
  14. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    That course does state it carries no state teaching qualification on its description. Thus it would not be enough to guarantee a teaching post in some countries where a teaching certificate is a necessity for visa or other reasons.
  15. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    It also states it is mainly for students who are already teachers.
  16. Hi David,
    I was hoping you could give me some guidance or advice regarding work. I have recently arrived in the UAE looking for work within the education sector. I am a 21 year old birtish female with a BA hons degree in Educational Studies. I am currently looking for any work within the educational sector so that I can gain experience, I hope to go on to do the PGCE at some stage, but I am uncertain about how long I intend to live in the UAE. Are there any positions I can apply for that will provide me with the sponsorship I need to remain as a Dubai resident? As this is my main challenge to overcome.

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated given your teaching expertise.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Hannah [​IMG]
  17. yasf

    yasf Established commenter

    There are lots of different PGCE courses. Most get you QTS (which you must have even to be an NQT) which allows you to work in state schools in England.
    The Sunderland PGCE is one that does not get you QTS (along with FE PGCEs and the private school PGCE offered by the University of Buckingham), so you couldn't do an NQT year in the UK with it. I have known some British overseas employers that have looked down on it - not considering it a real PGCE.
    Still better than nowt - especially as many employers don't know/care that it doesn't get you QTS.
    All may change, however, as Gove is less than impressed with QTS - and appears to be keen to abolish the whole idea.
  18. Hi David/All
    I am hoping you can help me. My partner is soon to be relocating to the UAE and I would like to join him. I have a BA in Drama, hold full QTS and have 3 years teaching experience plus my training year. Due to expansion of the department that I work in, I have also gained experience in leading the GCSE examinations and have a proven track record of success in both GCSE and A Level. However, I completed a GTP course rather than the traditional PGCE and I gather this may cause me some problems. Would you please be able to confirm if I would be able to secure a job in the UAE?
    Thank you

  19. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    As long as you have QTS you will be fine, in have friends working inDubai who went down the GTP route.
  20. Hi! I am in the same situation- working in a private school in Dubai and want to get my PGCE through a UK University, would you be willing to share how it worked out for you? would really appreciate it!

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