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Has anyone done the PGCE in dubai?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by teachingkills, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. ...its offered through university of sunderland i think..
    is it worth it? and is it a stepping stone to QTS in england?
  2. ...its offered through university of sunderland i think..
    is it worth it? and is it a stepping stone to QTS in england?
  3. i heard about it, and considered it. unfortunately i couldn't get any info about it, and my dad lives near by to a couple of people who run it!

    presumably if it is run and certified by a bona fide british university then it gives you QTS. and presumably if they can run a pgce in dubai, then they can get certification to mentor an NQT year as well. then again, that would all be logical, and that doesn't always work in the "real" world.
  4. Yes it's through University of Sunderland and runs in Dubai, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain etc. A company in Dubai are the local contacts and a woman called Ann Lambert is the contact there and Sue Cooke is the contact at Sunderland.

    Good standard PGCE course. Not subject specific if doing for secondary though. All primary and secondary do same units on assesment, learning styles etc. Lectures are on video and you download reading materials from web. You will not have an in school mentor unless you ask a colleague to do it and the they do not get any remuneration for it. You will have a weekly tutor group meeting with your in country tutor, I think it was 6 assignments and two 6 week teaching practices.

    Worth doing if abroad, hard if your on a full teaching load as well but is a good course that leads to the PGCE Education qualification.

    QTS - after you complete PGCE you have NQT status( Newly Quaified Teacher) NO PGCE FROM A BRITISH UNIVERSITY GIVES YOU QTS. The university will assist you to sort paper work if you return to England to do your probation and hence attain QTS.

    In england through GTC you are only legally allowed to do your probation in a state school in england to work towards QTS. In Scotland it can be in any school and they even accredit you from abroad if your teaching has been assessed by your head and peers as of a good standard.

    Good luck!
  5. With respect to post 3....

    I can't speak of Scotland, other than my personal high regard of their education system.

    However, I'm pretty sure that my mate got QTS after a year in a private school in Sussex. Didn't envy his Saturday requirement, however.
  6. There are several people who have done it in Saudi and they have found out that you have NQT status the first year but to get QTS status one has to sort things out in the UK and Sunderland, from what I have heard, is not too helpful, neither is the woman who acts as the tutor in Dubai. Most have complained, in Saudi anyway, that support is hard to come by and that you are left pretty much on your own. Additionally, the cost can be prohibitive to some especailly if the cost of the texts is factored in as one cannot borrow them from libraries in the Middle East/Gulf countries. Hope this is helpful, good luck.
  7. 'QTS - after you complete PGCE you have NQT status( Newly Quaified Teacher) NO PGCE FROM A BRITISH UNIVERSITY GIVES YOU QTS.'

    Um, I think ALL PGCE's from British universities give you QTS?
  8. The last post is right, if you have a PGCE from a UK institution, you have QTS too.
  9. You don't have QTS until you have fulfilled a probationary period in a school after the completion of your PGCE. passing the course is no guarantee of gaining QTS.
    When I contacted the GTC in England their line was that all probation had to be carried out in state schools in England, if they are fuzzy around their requirements in England regarding probation in private schools thats fab but they won't let you do your probation abroad.

    I must say I sorted out doing my QTS through the Scottish GTC mysef but Sue Cooke did sort me out with a reference to get throught the initial application process.

    When I did the course we were provided with a pool of the relevant books that we could use as a library but t was reliant on people not hogging them.

    Regarding support, I was one of the first group to do the PGCE in Kuwait, in 2002/2003 and we were in the position where a war was about to kick off next to us, our in country tutor was sacked and we were left to get on with the final part of the course by ourselves. Sunderland gave us an extention on a number of our pieces of coursework, delayed out final teaching practice and our final major assignment but all but one of us was able to complete our PGCE's by the correct time.

    It's not the easiest of things to do whilst abroad but you have the advantage that you don't have to go back to the UK to do it and I'm sure for few of you if you are already teaching in a school it allows you to keep your full paid job whilst doing it. As with anything the course is what you make of it. It does not require a horrific amount of work just a little organisation. There will probably be some one in your school that has already done it and can help you a bit. I have since helped a few people doing the course to organise themselves and explained things to them.
  10. VKS


    If you do PGCE abroad then you are liable for fees as a foreign student I think-about 9000 pounds. Also would schools in UK want you if you've worked in a private school? ( I mean state school not private schools in UK)
  11. right.
    i now have been accepted to do the course.
    im still trying to sort out how to pay for it though!
    how many years after i do the PGCE in dubai, would it take me to get QTS in england?
    i plan on being in dubai itself for another year i think.
  12. VKS


    I looked into this and apparently any training has to be done in state schools and all schools in dubai are private. I think you would have to do a year in state schools in the UK to qualify for QTS but check with your training provider. Ask if Dubai schools would be eligible for training purpose-explain they are private. Not sure if you would only be qualified for private schools.
  13. When I enquired about doing this course, I was told the PGCE stood for "Professional" Graduate Certificate in Education. They did tell me that all PGCEs would soon be named in this way, but it gave me pause about whether it was worth the Dh26,000 it would cost me.
  14. I am the Principal a private International School out here in Dubai. I am interested in exploring links with UK universities who have started up PGCE courses over here or are at least interested in teaching placements in Dubai. I know Sunderland is one but does anyone have contact details?

    Contrary to what some people may believe, many of the schools in Dubai are well set up to help new entrants to the profession. There really is some excellent practice going on and it would be good to pass it on.

    I would be very grateful for any contact details for anyone I can talk to in this area.

  15. Hi,

    I am currently doing the PGCE in dubai, along with approx 190 -200 other people also...alot here in the UAE, and alot apparently in other countries such as china, thailand, japan even someone did it in el salvador last year apparently..!!! so far, I am finding it okay in regards to the workload, i mean its not easy by any means, but its not as intense im imagining as it would be if I had chosed to go back to the uk to do it.I WORK full time in a school while I AM doing this pgce which means that some days / weeks i am strapped for time, energy ,motivation...!! to study and research and all the other hassles that go along with studying after you've been out of it for so long, however, I am really glad I am doing as at first I thought this course was an answer to my prayers and too good to be true really.....I had applied after one years teaching here, to go to liverpool to do my pgce...having changed my mind due to all the fun I was having,I decided to stay adn put off my pgce in liverpool for another year till I heard about this course. I am thrilled that I can get the same qualification out here in the hot sun, easy lifestyle, rent free, hassle free country where I am gaining tons of experience at work and getting a full income at the same time, instead of living off beans on toast and commuting in the rain to an innercity school where I don't even know any of the kids names nevermind their ability. I was sceptical at first, as I thought it wouldnt be recognised in the UK or something would go wrong with it, but i rang the teaching & development agency in the uk before the course started and they looked into it for me and assured me that there was NO WAY a UK university could put their name on a pgce that was not accredited for by the relevant higher authorities. I am planning on going to LONdon next year to work for a year to obtain my QTS adn then move on from there..im not even sure if teaching is really what i wanna do, but adleast this way i get to kill two birds with one stone and not get into debt (or minimal if any) by choosing it. I hope this helps anyone thinking of doing it. To find more info, you can look up www.sunderland.co.uk, and type in the search window.
  16. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    can someone please explain to me how you are allowed to teach in Dubai, or Saudi etc. without having a PGCE in the first place....

    I would love to teach in Dubai..... but I keep getting told that I don't have the 2 years continuous contractual experience....

    Oh.. I do have a PGCE by the way. No, I don't have what is now classed as QTS, because I qualified in 1993, and ir wasn't a requirement.

  17. Sheihka, you are wrong, pure and simple. You achieve QTS upon the award of a PGCE, you do not have to complete you induction year to be awarded QTS. As for Sunderland University's overseas PGCE, I'd guess that this is just a money making scheme. I always remember a scene from Black Adder goes forth, when BA mentions 3 great British universities. He forget to mention Sunderland.
  18. Any updates from people who have completed this course and are now working? Has anyone ventured to mention to their employer that they possess a Professional, not Post, Graduate Certificate in Education?
    I'm sorry, it's just too fishy for me, that.
  19. The entry qualifications for the PGCE are the same as for the PGCE (confusing what!!!!). The professional GCE is new to me, but I would hazard a guess it is comparable to the post GCE. I think the professional GCE is designed to be more flexible than the Post GCE. For people who have spent several years outside the academic field, the post GCE is extremely difficult.

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