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Has anyone done a School Direct (Drama) programme in London?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by LastCompass, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. LastCompass

    LastCompass New commenter

    If so, would you recommend your school to apply to? Or have you heard of any schools that stand out for their training?
  2. bgibson11

    bgibson11 New commenter

    I trained using a route similar to a schools direct course. It isn't shouted about for some reason, but The University of Buckingham have a Secondary Education PGCE which is run similar to Schools Direct. You are employed by your school full time in your first year and train on the job, attending the uni during half-terms for lectures and submitting an essay on various topics each term. A mentor from the uni comes to observe you once a term, usually spending the whole day with you to watch numerous lessons. Other than that, you are trained in house, normally by your HOD. It was very flexible and I found it really helpful training to teach a practical subject like Drama.

    They offer two versions of the course, one with QTS at the end and one without. I did push to go on the "with QTS" option. This meant more lectures/written work to be submitted to the uni at the end of the year but I felt that it was important I get it.

    With Drama PGCE and Schools Direct places being very limited it might be a good idea to look into this and see if any schools near you offer it as an option. It is mainly offered by independent schools, but you will do a placement in a state school on the QTS version of the course so you can then decide which you prefer. At my school, they paid for my training in full so I didn't pay a penny for my qualification, but had to stay at that school for 3 years. From speaking to others in my year they had similar arrangements with some schools paying the PGCE in full and others paying it partly for the student.

    Good luck!

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