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Has anyone bought into the Bug Club with successful outcomes?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sparklesaxon, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi, this is the first time i have responded but saw your post and thought i would have a go. we have just purchased the bug club after a free trial. @ very good hlta s ran it in an after school club for 12 year 2 pupils - and are now on the second club. each club ran for 6 weeks. All children bar 2 (who were not encouraged by parents) mad progress in their reading (they were tested before and after). Oe children increased reading age by over a year in 6 weeks! Now me and the other teacher in Year 1 are running it for the children to do at home not in a club. Just logged on to see 2 children on now. The books very good for reluctant boys. we also had a meeting for parents so they understood how it worked. Hope that helps
  2. Hello, I know you posted your message quite a while ago but I am now looking into Bug Club. Did you purchase it? Have have you found it?
    I look forward to hearing your views!
  3. Hi, we ended up buying in the Project X as it will address our needs as a school better than Bug Club. I really like the idea of bug club but it is dependent on how many children can access it from home and then what you would provide for those who don't. Also I was a little wary of children completing the comprehension questions at home and I think many of my parents would end up doing it for them so the assessment records wouldn't provide any real insight for me. It would have been great for the fact that books wouldn't need sending home anymore as we have many lost books that we then have to restock. I also wondered what happens when children have read all of their level and still need to continue- will bug club add more books for free in the future or will they increase the price!
    I have bought in the project X books as I trialled them with different year groups and they are a hit. We are a large school and needed more guided reading books and one which would appeal to older children who are poor readers. Head agreed to buying it all in so I'm going in next week to sort them all out! I would also like to buy into the phonics range but think I have reached my limit with asking for money
  4. We recently bought it and we think it is amazing!!!! We bought the whole
    package, but we already had the reading books, so we had all the reading books
    but online and the programme which has hundreds of games and videos which links to
    Bbc words and pictures. There are also books and resources for alphablocks which my class love.
    Each book has quizes and key focus words. Cant rate it highly enough. Think we got a
    good discount but we will pay roughly 1000 a year
  5. The comprehension questions and graphs linked to APP is a bit of a gimmick and I always thought it was. These things usually are. My children used the e-books at first and then the usage tailed off. So not buying the subscription. The trial is invaluable though. Firstly you can see how much it would be used. Secondly you get to see ALL the books. I was interested in how well structured the cumulatively decodeable Phonics Bugs books were, and they seem to be just what we need so I will buy the hard copies. In terms of reaching your limit with asking for money, you do know about the matched funding for phonics? Your school can spend up to 3000 until March 2013 on approved phonics material (almost certainly to include Phonics Bug) and the Government will match it effectively giving you 6000 to spend. It is the ideal opportunity for us to turn our "Book Bands" look and say home reading scheme into a fit-for-purpose systematic phonics scheme. It would be madness for your head not to take advantage. I have had no joy in convincing people that Book Banding was not suitable for early reading, but with this I can get my way through the back door.
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We have subscribed to the ebooks (already had most of the books as hard copies but will probably use the Government funding to buy newer publications)
  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We are using the ebooks in a number of ways right across the school reception to Y6.
    Cost depends on the size of the school small schools (under 100 pupils) large schools (100+)
    and each unit is individually priced so it depends what you want to buy.
    Our children were still accessing books last week (during the hols) so we haven't had the tail off teejay has experienced.

  8. I had heard something about this-surely my Head would know though? My next wish is to address the lack of phonics books- OXford also have a range of Project X phonics books and I
    liked the look of Bug phonic as well. We have a chat with my Head about this funding!
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The funding doesn't apply to the ebooks according to our Pearson rep only paper copies.
    I've also bought in the Project X books and the Floppy Phonics Sounds & Letters
  10. The Oxford rep mentioned about matching what we had spent so this is probably what you have said about? My head found some money but it certainly wasn't from government funding for phonics as she had to find a good reason to use money from elsewhere!

  11. Which phonics books would you choose- Bug phonics, prjoect x phonics or Floppys phonics?
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    As a school scheme I would go with Bug Phonics
    Project X are aimed at boys but I have to say my girls like them as much as the boys
    I only bought in
    these early books for reception not the Biff Chip et al stories
  13. I've been hearing good things about this. I noticed that this post was 2011, so you've had a good chance to see how it works and if the impact tails off. What do you think? Are you still using it? Would you recommend it? Has it made a lasting impact? What's the realibity of ebooks like? Anyone else using it? All thoughts greatly appreicated! Thanks!

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