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Has anyone been given an conditional offer for physical education at manchester metropolitan university? I have and i hope it will soon turn into an u

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Dave888, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can tell me when MMU will tell me if i have an unconditional place or not. I hear that university have already been given figures for places so why are MMU taking so long. I was given an conditional place one week after my interview. Also my research tells me last year there were only only 12 places on the course, i assume this figure has been further reduced. I know some people will say ring them and find out, but at this stage i would prefer to just talk to other people, as i would prefer not bother the people who could be making decisions on places right now.
    Hope to hear from anyone who can offer support

  2. This is for PGCE Physical Education
  3. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    You're not making sense.
    Do you have a conditional offer from MMU? What is the condition?
    Surely once you meet that condition your place is then unconditonal?
  4. I think the condition he must be talking about would be whether there is a place available for him due to the recent allocation cuts.
    OP, it's just a waiting game i'm afraid. My place for PE at Southampton was conditional upon places, and they confirmed my place was now unconditional about a week ago, so you should be hearing soon. Their places were cut from 22 last year to only 12! All universities know their allocations for 2011-2012 now, and you can find them here;
  5. Cheers Kaiser7 and well done for getting a place. I have a friend who is also on the same course at Southampton so i guess you'll meet her soon. My university will be re-assessing all applications they gave conditional offers to. i can only cross my fingers and wait!
  6. Hi all,
    I was successfull at interview, depending on allocation of places.
    Now they are not in a position to offer me a place due to the cuts! [​IMG]
    Am i right in thinking that all the course are not full?
  7. ktsum
    So you were given an conditional offer after interview for pgce secondary physical education at mmu? Then they sent you a message via the gttr saying that your place has gone due to funding? I know there are 12 places on the course, but not been told anything yet! If you go on gttr website you can see what unis are not full.

    speak soon
  8. Hi Dave
    I am in the same position with MMU except waiting for a unconditional offer for the art and design secondary PGCE. I had my interview in mid November and got a conditional offer (depending on the course getting a sufficiant number of places) at the start of December. When I found out, through my own research that the course numbers had been cut from 43 to 22 I phoned up MMU who wouldn't give me any sort of information on this and said everyone will be hearing through an update on GTTR in the next couple of weeks. That was over a month ago, I don't understand either why they are keeping everyone waiting when they have known about course allocations for weeks now.
    I really hope we hear something soon,
  9. Hi Dave
    I also have received a conditional offer from MMU for PE. I e-mailed Karen Meanwell after the announcement that places had been allocated.
    She told me that they are going to send a letter out to all those who have a conditional offer and advise that the training bursary has gone and to reply to the letter saying whether you could still afford to do the course or not. She said that might make their decision for them if a few say they can't do it anymore. This was a few weeks ago though and I still haven't received a letter.
    Still says Conditional Offer on GTTR though and apparently a few people have had theirs changed from Conditional to Unsuccessful already.
  10. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    So there's still hope then..? :)
  11. useful information, thanks. I'll let you know when/if my letter comes through! im still going to accept if i get in, as luckily i live at home and plan to commute. In the most sensitive way i hope some people can no longer afford to do the course now. I don't know why they can't just send us all a quick email that would do the job. Are you still planning on doing the course? and alex? I hope we all get on. I wonder how many conditional offers were dished out, i can't see there being too many! It's so frustrating not knowing.
  12. I asked again where the letters were and was told we should have received it and to ring admissions - but admissions say they haven't sent them out yet, will be another week or two. I'm going to say yes to the letter, it'll be hard and I'll be totally skint but got to get through it! They had 19 places last year so I would assume they made 19 conditional offers - by the sounds of it a few have already had them withdrawn so they may be hoping on atleast another 3 saying they can't do it anymore. We'll have to see eh!
  13. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Yeah I definately still plan on doing the course. Like you Dave, I still live at home and will commute as I'm about 40miles away from the Crewe campus. It definately must be difficult for those who relied on the bursary though.
    I was expecting a letter to come through or GTTR to be updated telling us whether we were accepted onto the course or not. I didn't realise that they had planned on sending letters out to see if we were still able to do the course. Surely this will make the whole process alot longer as they'll have to receive our responses and then make their decision based on what they receive?
  14. just a quick email would do. Bursary has gone, you wanna be a peasant for a year? yes/no. Done haha.
  15. Yeah, I got the e-mail on Friday as well
  16. i haven't recieved an email, don't know whether this is a good or bad thing. :(
  17. did they say that they are offering you a place all you have to do is confirm that you cool about the absence of the bursary. Knowing this might help me work out if im about to have my offer withdrawn. At the moment i dont know whether
    1. they have either forgotten to email me (seems unlikely)
    2. they are asking the people who they want to accept if they are still willing
    3. they are asking people who they are not to sure about and not sending emails to people who they want (why they would do this im not too sure)
    4. or they are asking people at different times (seems unlikely since you two got your emails together
    explan 2. sounds most likely to me. I'm gonna have to get in touch with them since it would have made sense to send everyon an email, unless they have already decided to withdraw my offer. But, wouldn't they have already done this if they knew or are they simply gonna decline everyone at once.
    so much going on in my head right now.... good luck anyway, i'll let you both know what they say tomorow ;)
  18. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Yeah I would definately ring them. I can't see why all of us haven't received the e-mail.
    Hope everything gets sorted! :)
  19. alexpez

    alexpez New commenter

    Yeah I was in the first interview group.
    Can't believe we're going to find out soon.. I'm excited but nervous. Good luck!
  20. still haven't recieved an email. Maybe it's because they told people in the last interview group that the bursary was likely to go. For now i'll just tell myself this, as any other explanation would probably be disappointing for me ;) speak soon

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