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Has anybody had an interview for High Force SCITT 2011?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by chloechristobel, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. I had one last week, just wondering if anybody else had one what they thought about it?
  2. I had one last week, just wondering if anybody else had one what they thought about it?
  3. I had one. I really enjoyed the day; it was very well organised and although it was pressured I enjoyed it.
    Have you had an interview? I believe they are now not able to offer places for another 2-3 weeks! It is a long wait - fingers crossed!
  4. Hi Claire, yes I had an interview on the 10th. I really enjoyed the day too but it's been an agonising wait for a letter since! When was your interview? I heard that they would be sending out letters on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Where did you hear it would be another 2-3 weeks? Oh no, thats ages! I thought the wait was nearly over!
  5. I know this wait is awful isn't it?!

    My interview was 11 January and at the time we were told 2 weeks, which would be tomorrow! But I had a phone call from them on Wednesday asking me to send more certificates in (which made me hopeful!). Do I asked then how long until we find out and they said they were still waiting to have their numbers confirmed and it could be 2-3 weeks! Who told you They were sending letters out Tues or Wed? I hope you are right!
  6. I rang on Thursday because it was 2 weeks since my interview and the lady I spoke to said that the last of the interviews was Friday and that they'd be shortlisting today and sending letters out either today or tomorrow. Eeek, no idea when to expect them now. So nervous, will just be so good to know one way or another. Fingers crossed!
  7. Oh that would be good! Like you, I just want to know!

    What are you doing at the minute? I work part time in admin and am doing my third year degree in Education.

    Please let me know if you get a letter?! And good luck!!!
  8. I’m working at Durham University at the minute so it’s a career change for me. I finished university a couple of years ago. Well I hope we get them today or tomorrow! Let me know how you get on and good luck!!
  9. I also work at Durham Uni in one of the colleges!!! I've had an email today saying we have to wait for the funding allocations. Two more weeks :-(
  10. I also work at Queens! Where do you work? I haven't told anyone at work I've applied for my teacher training yet though. Fingers crossed you get a letter or email soon as well!
  11. I was also interviewed on the 10th at high force. Got the e-mail at lunchtime today saying it will be another fortnight! Agonising isn't it? Good luck to you all!
  12. It's all the governments fault! Why can't they just make a decision?! Something tells me it will be longer than 2 weeks! From what I've read it could be a couple of months before the government decide :-( limbo :-(
  13. I really hope not. I phoned high force yesterday and they seemed fairly certain that it would be within a fortnight, let's hope so ey? I know it's does seem fairly senseless by the government. Surely they must know that the application deadline is 1st December so why wait until now to tell training providers their intake places?
  14. Oh well, I hope it is within two weeks. Other providers have just been offering places and stating that's it is subject to funding, still a bit of a limbo but at least you know whether you are accepted or not!

    Fingers crossed we all hear soon and that it's good news!!
  15. Also says it should be announced today! Fingers crossed we hear soon. Best of luck!
  16. Excellent - well for us at least. Wonder what they will do about the bursary though - doesn't mention the primary bursary. A lot of people will struggle financially without it - I think I could just about manage if I maxed out student loans!

    Fingers crossed we find out by the end of the week then!!

  17. Good luck to you all for successful replies! I've got my interview for secondary SCITT coming up. I have to do a teaching task - do you have to memorise the content, or can you refer to notes / lesson plans?
  18. We didnt do a teaching task, sorry. We did a presentation and I used notes etc. I can't see notes being a problem.

    Anyone heard anything from high force yet?! I so want to ring and find out when we can expect the letters, but I keep stopping myself!
  19. I haven't heard anything yet. Have you? Don't think it will be too long now, hopefully before the end of the week. Did you ring them in the end?

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