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Has anybody had a Secondary interview at Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by mich22, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Hi there!
    I have also applied for Secondary History at Edinburgh at the end of Novemeber. I haven't heard anything yet, apart from a request for my certificates and degree transcript which i e-mailed in the middle of December. I've just read your post and was wondering if you had heard anything else or if you have received a date for interview yet??
  2. Hi

    I applied for Secondary Biology at Edinburgh and I've just checked the GTTR website. It stated that my application has been stopped. Apparently Edinburgh has asked for more time to make a decision. I wish I knew what was happening. This is my second year applying because I applied too late last year and I've spent a year getting as much experience as possible. So frustrating.
  3. Stopped?! That's weird. There doesn't seem to be any consistency between the way they're treating admissions for each subject. As of today my track status still says the application has been sent for consideration. I haven't had any official contact since they asked for my transcript etc, although I've called them a few times. They've said they won't be setting interview dates until the receive the information on places from the TDA (although I've read elsewhere on here that MFL have heard about theirs) but that announcement is apparently imminent so who knows? Maybe we'll hear this week. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hi!
    My application status also says 'stop'. GTTR said not to worry, its just an extention for Edinburgh. So at least its not a straight out no!! Haha. The suspense is really killing me. Hopefully we will all get an interview... fingers crossed everyone!
  5. Right, ignore what I wrote above as the TDA does not actually apply to Scotland - I had a bit of a blonde moment. Good news, however! I just spoke to Moray House (this is specific to History I think) and I was told that they have now decided how many people they will be interviewing, they just don't know yet who they're going to be. Apparently they are doing a second 'sweep' of the applications in order to decide who to invite and then they will set dates. The admissions officer I spoke to estimated some time next week for us to find out. One way or another the wait (or this part of it at least) is finally nearly over.
  6. Hi Everyone!
    i applied to GTTR in october and just got an email on thursday from MH inviting me to interview on the 1st of Feb. i've applied to Chemistry so i just wondered if anyone else has heard and if its just going to be chemists or a mix of the sciences? also i wondered if anyone (maybe from pervious years) knew what the written exam is all about? is it essays? (i've not done one of those in a while!)
    thanks and all the best to those waiting to hear!

  7. Hi sec9

    I still haven't heard anything and I applied for the biology course. It would be interesting to hear from other people. I haven't a clue what the written exam is all about. I knew that there would be a group discussion and an interview but that's it. Well done on the interview and good luck although I don't think you need it :)

  8. Thanks very much - i hope you hear soon! i heard chemistry didn't have that many applications so that could be why they've sorted out the interviews quicker than other sciences!
    all the best

  9. Have you heard anything yet anna?

  10. Hi Mich,

    Have you heard anything from Moray House?

  11. Hi! Still no news for me yet. [​IMG] The wait seems line forever doesn't it!? It's going to be really horrible if they get back at this stage and decline. I really hope they get back to us this week. Fingers crossed this happens.
  12. Oh dear. I just spoke to Edinburgh. They told me they've already set two interview dates for History and have invited 16 people. They are planning on setting another two days and inviting another 16 people but I obviously wasn't in the first lot which is very disheartening. Anyway, they said we should hear within the next two weeks so more waiting now. I really should have asked when they'll be letting those that weren't successful know but I didn't think of it at the time. It's odd that no-one's been on here to say they've been invited to the interview though. Although maybe the very small number explains it. At the open day I was told they interviewed around 60 people last year so they've pretty much cut it in half.
  13. Don?t be disheartened. I applied to Edinburgh two years ago and never got in. I distinctively remember them telling me at my interview that they had already filled some of the places ? therefore, I was one of the later ones. I think by that point they had already filled most of the spaces. I never got in that year and took on board their advice of gaining more secondary experience ? I have now had over a years? experience of working in a school in a paid position. So, bearing this in mind ? I have been invited to an interview at the beginning of February and was informed of this last week.
    Keep your chin up ? I?m sure you?ll be invited to interview and just be prepared to wow them.

    Hope this helps.
  14. See, that confuses me. I've read loads of posts on here where people say they've been invited for interview and then turned down because they don't have enough experience but all of an applicant's experience is listed on their application form so why do universities invite people to interviews if feel they're too inexperienced to offer them a place? It just seems like a waste of everyone's time.
    Anyway, congratulations and good luck with your interview - if I am offered one I'll be pestering you to find out what was involved!
  15. I asked the very same question myself!
    I had quite a lot of experience with teenagers in a variety of settings - but, not in a school environment. I think that they wanted to see the type of person I was and my visions of what being a teacher would be like. To be honest, I'm glad I never got in two years ago as i don't think I was prepared enough. After working in a school, I know that this is what I want to do with my life - more so than last time, and I have no preconceptions of what the job entails.

    Have you had any school experience yourself?

    I am more than happy to let you know anything about the interview. If you do get to interview, the two topics to brush up on are: the Scottish Wars of Independence or World War I.

  16. Thanks, that's really useful. Especially since I know squat about the Scottish Wars of Independence! I've only done a couple of week's observation in a couple of schools. The rest of my experience is with volunteering with the Scouts and a youth group specifically set up for 'socially marginalised' children. I only made the decision to apply for the PGDE in September last year so I'm aware my experience is limited. So much so that I won't be holding it against any university if I don't get in this time around! I'm very conscious of my lack of experience so if I do get to interview I'm going to trust in the interviewers' ability to tell whether or not I'm ready - I'm sure they can do it better than I can! Basically if I get in this year then great, and if I don't I'll do my best to make sure I have enough experience to be accepted next year.
  17. Aw guys, I'm actually going to be annoyed if they say I have lack of experience as I actually called them last year and they told me it wasn't actually something they looked for!! At present I have a placement in a secondary school though, thought I'd get it to be on safe side and was keen to build up experience whether they looked for it or not. Gutted haven't heard, prob means have been unsuccessful but it would be good to know so can move on and figure out what the heck I'm going to do instead. :(
  18. Hi Mich,

    Don't take it as you haven't got it - you don't know that yet. No-one does! Just because some people have been given an interview before others does not mean that they are in any which way better and they are not guaranteed a place. As you haven't heard anything is good news. This means that you are still in the running. Please don't be disheartened, especially as you have some sound secondary school experience. Keep smiling :D

  19. Hi L, was just having a moment, been stressing out about it. Congrats on the interview by the way, i'm sure you'll do great. If I don't get in this year, there's always next. Just a bit of a set back I suppose. Thanks for the encouragement though :)
  20. Hi Anna any news? I just called Moray house and they told me that they haven't received numbers from the government yet so they haven't any information on how many people they will be interviewing. Thats different to what you've previously been told isn't it? They said they're hoping to hear this week sometime.

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