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Has any one got a 'stop' on their application?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Ktsum, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hi, Does this mean they are short listing? I have received a letter of intent subject to funding, im now worried as a stop has been placed on application!
    I dont mind that they are holding my application as I dont want to go to any other Uni!, but im worried if the government have cut the places, this means I will have come so close to getting a place, and then to fall at the last hurdle. [​IMG]
    Any one else in the same situation?
  2. Yep, this happened to me too. From what I can gather, they can't officially offer you a place through the GTTR until the funding is confirmed, so they send you a personal letter of intent, but in the meantime the GTTR will put a 'stop' on the application and tell you that the uni have requested more time... I think that it's just to cover their own backs, I just waited it out and after 2 weeks (it felt like a lot longer!!) they eventually made it official.
    Hope this reassures you. Good luck!
  3. Stop does mean the uni has requested for more time to consider your application. They commonly do this to stop GTTR making your application into a fail by default and sending your application to the next choice.
    Hope you get good news soon, but Stop by itself doesn't mean anything one way or another.
  4. Well I'm actually worried that mine doesn't say 'stop.'

    The deadline for them to reply is the 14th, after that GTTR will change it to unsuccessful. I don't want to ring them (the ITT provider) in case they think I'm bothering them.

    Do you think the GTTR will email my provider to remind them they'll need to change it to 'stop' tomorrow?
  5. I would get onto GTTR if i was you, cause you dont want them to do it by default. If they say that is will be automatically sent, i would phone your Uni just in case i guess. Im sure they wouldnt let that happen though.

    Thanks guys, I wish I could say I feel better but I dont :( just read an article that PE places have been dropped from 1180 to 890. [​IMG]
  6. No they don't, normally. But if your track changes to unsuccessful by default, it may not mean that and you should speak to your present choice to ask what is happening.
  7. Thanks guys, I've just emailed my provider to ask what will happen.

    If it does change on Monday to unsuccessful I will give them a ring. [​IMG]

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