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Has a parent ever overheard you saying something you shouldn't have?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I did something a bit daft today. I was talking to a member of staff and had a bit of a moan about a parent (nothing rude or agressive, just a little whinge about them being 'funny' because they always ring and ask the receptionist questions, for me, instead of speaking to me and I dont know why they dont just come and speak to me) and then realised that another (difficult!) parent was behind me.
    Im a bit worried they're going to either a) tell said parents, or b) complain to the head. I shouldn't have been whinging publically and feel terrible. If they do, all I can do is apologise!
    Should I be worried or am I just one of lifes great worriers about nothing? Has anyone else ever been overheard saying something inappropriate by a parent?
  2. Yes, I was once. The parent threatened to report me to County Hall and said she would ensure I was disciplined. She said she NEVER wanted me near her son under Any circumstances etc.....
    Well she never reported me so that came to nothing. I never did have her child in my class but I didn't take him on a P.E. tournament of some sort because of the situation and she told me off for discriminating against him. I told her she couldn't have it both ways and that I was abiding by her wishes and she stormed off.
    I obviously had to tell the head at the time it happened and got hauled over the coals a bit but I knew that what I had done was wrong so took the flak. It was horrible waiting to see if it would be taken further though.

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