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Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by gemma1234, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Doing the topic of ourselves in Reception and the book for the half term is Harry and the Dinosaurs. Just wondering if anyone had done any planning for this and whether they could send me a copy? Any ideas for this topic welcome as I am a NQT! My email is gemma_newby907@hotmail.com
  2. Anyone?
  3. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    check out the hamilton site as abacus evolve have the maths planning and resources for this book
  4. Sorry - don't have any planning but just wanted to say that we did this in a pre-school and it was fab!
    We did a wall display with Harry and the bucket which the children coloured/filled with various media and then we made all sorts of dinosaurs from other media which the children initiated. Also had children bring in dinosaur photos from home and one even made a papier mache dinosaur egg! which we added to our display. The opportunities are endless...
    Good luck
  5. toty

    toty New commenter

  6. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    Don't have the planning sorry, but we did this as part of a dinosaur topic last year. We went on a dinosaur hunt for Harry's lost dinosaurs around the school grounds (good way to get to know the school if they're new too!) We did some stories/pictures/role play etc. about where else the Harry might take his dinosaurs and what might happen. Work about children's favourite toys - what would be in their bucket: "So-and So's bucketful of......" where they can draw/paint/stick toys they like. Favourite dinosaurs/sorting activities... can't remember what else... if anything else comes to me i'll add more!
  7. Charly27

    Charly27 New commenter

    I don't have any planning I'm afraid only some ideas.
    Websites: www.hamilton-trust.org.uk select 'Early Years' tab for very detailed 'dinosaurs' topic web, planning & printable resources.
    www.bbc.co.uk/sn/prehistoriclife select 'picture galleries' for some good quality pictures of dinosaurs
    <ol>[*]act out the story using the props[*]use information bookds to find out about dinosaurs[*]make a dinosaur world from recycled materials to use with small world dinosaurs </ol>
  8. We made dinosaur fossils from clay and made a museum to display them in! Used shapes to create dinosaur pictures.
  9. Thankyou for this weblink, very useful :)
  10. I used the book Harry and the Dinosaurs go to school last year (was supplied as booktime pack) and have plans for that if that helps. [​IMG]

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