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Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by robyn147, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. I don't do a sales routine. I am full up at the moment - I talk to the parent about the child and how they are doing at school. Then arrange to come round for a chat so they can meet me. I always have a good chat on the phone so they get a feel for me. Quite a few of my clients are word of mouth. They pay as they go. Much easier for everyone concerned.

  2. I don't hard-sell (I'd make a lousy Apprentice contestant). I'll chat to parents on the phone - offer some suggestions for resources, websites or activities that might help if they're having issues, explain my background and why I do tutoring over full-time teaching these days, what I charge and leave it with them - tell them to go away, think about it, look around other tutors and find one that they get a real rapport with, because if they don't get that - it becomes the longest hour in the week for both me and the child. Generally doing that - I find the ones that I've got the rapport with and am going to enjoy tutoring immediately come back to me for the business (and the high-pressure we expect a miracle in 2 weeks cos we're finally throwing money at the problem ones disappear off into the sunset). I get enough business going for clients I enjoy working with to be able to do that though.
    I don't do payment in advance - apart from the odd "I've got no change - can I pay you more now and just take it off next week" situations that tend to arise over time. I like to keep things that either side can drop out if things aren't working out with ease - basically to keep my own options open if it's becoming a situation I don't think I can enjoy working with!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I've only dropped 2 clients - 1 was just not working out. The boy could not listen, sit still or engage - I knew he had problems but despite interactive and varied sessions, it was too much for him. The second was because the child was too busy doing other stuff and they kept cancelling the slot. I told them I had other people waiting and in the end we managed to fit the girl in elsewhere.
  4. I think that approach is a way to put people off -I do a free intial face to face - first month expect cash on the day - and then normally go to BACS - either monthly or weekly. If you and student get on and they are progressing then parent will want to keep you on - if not they won't. I have turned down work when the parent sounded like a nightmare
  5. Georginalouise

    Georginalouise New commenter

    Maybe the topic title of "sideline" is the giveaway. I am a full time private tutor. I have a small website but apart from that, I don't advertise. My clients come to me mostly through word of mouth. I see them in my home, not theirs and I am paid monthly in advance or weekly at the end of a session. The client chooses. I tutor mostly A level and a couple of the local schools admit that I boost their grades considerably and let their students out to see me during the school day. I meet prospective students with their parents before I take them on and lay out my 'rules' to the student and explain to the parents that I can't perform miracles but that I try very hard to improve grades. In five years I have lost a couple of students along the way because they have dropped the subject completely, and I have refused to continue to tutor two, one was surly and unco-operative from a very wealthy family who felt that giving me money was enough to get himself an A grade without any actual effort and the other persistently cancelled at short notice. Numbers vary according to the time of year, I currently have 14 regular clients but I expect this to rise after the module results in March. April, May, June I usually have between 20 and 25 clients depending if I am weighted towards AS or A2.

    I have used tutors for my own children. I always find an independent tutor, never an agency and I expect to take my children to them. I expect to pay in excess of £40 an hour, because that is the rate for established, experienced tutors who get results. I'm not sure if I try hard to be the type of tutor I want for my own children or whether I subconsciously look for tutors that I have an affinity with - but whichever way round it is, it works.

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