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Happy story for NQTs

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sensei123, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to share some good news with fellow NQTs who are doing supply whilst they try to find long term work.
    I have been applying for teaching jobs for 2 years now, been doing supply for 18 months (had to get extension as I hadn't managed to start induction), and I have applied for 73 teaching jobs during that time.
    Today I had an interview and got the job! I have worked in the school on supply, and apparently I impressed them. So excited. I have been really disheartened at times and had nearly given up on teaching as a career due to the difficulties in getting a job. I am so glad that I stuck with it.
    I just wanted to let other NQTs know that there are some success stories out there. Some schools will be on the lookout, and supply can sometimes lead to longer term opportunities.
  2. veritytrue

    veritytrue New commenter

    Well done!
  3. Thank you!
    I'd say it is worth sticking with it. I found I got a lot more supply work this year as schools had got to know me, so I got asked for by name.
    My skills and confidence have improved so much through doing supply work that I feel far more confident about having my own class!
    Good luck for everyone else in the same boat. Let's hope the sunshine helps boost everyone's mood.
  4. Well done!
    I'm also hoping that happens to me. Supply has a been a bit slow on the ground for me as schools get to know me but you never know! I'm sending off some applications this week so you never know. It's nice to have some encouragement from fellow NQTs and to know that it is possible.
    Fingers crossed for you all!

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