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Happy Solstice

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kibosh, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Happy Equinox everyone. We are turning a corner. I love it when the mornings and evenings get lighter. I hate winter. Grrrrr. My kitchen seems to have a default temperature of 5 degrees C. My back is riddled with aches and pains.
    I am already looking forward to the Spring.
    Roll on April.
  2. veni_vidi

    veni_vidi New commenter

    Happy solstice!
    I am supposed to be revising for my QTS tests tomorrow (damn numeracy), but you've just reminded me I should be celebrating, don't have a yule log so a lager will have to do. (Any excuse eh?)
  3. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

  4. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Oh burger, did i get that all wrong. [​IMG]
  5. I so agree, kibosh. This is a red letter day for me! Nights are drawing out.
  6. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    [​IMG] I really like that phrase and am going to start using it "Och, the nights are fair drawing oot".
    Hurrah indeed. Mr Kibosh was asking me the other night "How much longer until we end up moving to a warm country?" How long indeed. I'm the only one buying the lottery tickets. Pah!
  7. [
    A month from now and we'll be leaving work in daylight! Woop woop.
  8. impis

    impis New commenter

    No we wont!
    The hours of darkness lesson, but they also shift slightly so it will be a while before its light when we go to work. [Depends on what time you go, obviously!!]
  9. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Errr .... Rabbity was refering to leaving work ...

    Sunset on the 21st Jan is about 4.30pm so s/he should be about right.
  10. Slacker - if you leave work at 4.30! Oh, and it'll be a couple of weeks before you notice the nights drawing out again - although they are, very very slowly doing just that. Sunset today is 1542 and it is 1542 tomorrow as well, and then 1543 on Friday and again on Saturday (you get the idea). I was awake to see the lunar eclipse. In fact, I set the alarm to get up (check I could see the moon and then went out to watch the moments of totality. Quietly impressive, compared to a solar eclipse (which is pretty darn impressive). I'll stop. I'm burbling and it isn't even Gin O'Clock yet.
  11. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Approx 2,500 at Stonehenge this morning
  12. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    People that, is not druids ...
  13. Indeed. It made the roads around here extra busy for Christmas shopping [​IMG]. Some of my students were going to go - I wonder how many chickened out due to the cold though.

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