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Happy Ending

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Hailstorm23, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. Just thought i would write this as i know how stressful being an NQT can be and some people are not always fortunate enough to land a job right away. After completing university in 08 i spent 2 years supply teaching (hating every minute) i felt really down as i was desperate for a job, i felt like i had failed everybody and the pressure for me to find a job was awful it totally changed my personality, i didn't even gain one interview after handing out seriously over 100 applications!! Its the most horrible feeling, while your friends are now in their second year of teaching and your still supply teaching!!

    I a post eventually came up at a school i had done lot's of supply (a school i actually enjoyed going to!) i applied and gained the job for September 2010. This week i have completed all of my NQT paperwork and been made to a permanent member of staff.

    For those struggling, i know how hard things can get and people don't realise what you go through. I truly believe that i went through the awful 2 years because i belong at the school where i am now, keep going someone will give you a chance.
  2. Congratulations Hail- that's fab news! xx
  3. Congratulations on the permenant job x
    I started my current job on two terms maternity cover, luckily for me the teacher returned part-time so my contract was extended to the end of the year. Then I was told it was being extended for another year which would have took me up to August 2012. Two weeks ago the head came to made and said they wanted to make me permenant [​IMG]
    So I am now permenant, just wanted to encourage other NQT's to think about maternity covers as you never know where they made lead.
  4. brunetta

    brunetta New commenter

    Thanks for posting this Hailstorm23.
    I qualified in 2010 and I've still not been able to find an induction post. I've been thinking of people on my course who've completed induction etc etc. and I feel like such a failure. The thought of going back to supply in September just fills me with dread - I hate the whole situation. Hearing stories like yours gives us all hope.
    Congratulations on completing induction and becoming a permanent member of staff. [​IMG]

  5. i totally know where you are coming from - keep at it and something will come along I'm sure of it! although i did dread/hate supply I look back now and can see that it did help me in ways and gave me lot's of experience! plus i gained my job from being a regular face at my school!! Good Luck! x

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