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happy day

Discussion in 'Personal' started by inky, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Well, it was Sunday, but who cares? My dear brother and I met up for the first time since we were estranged many years ago. It was made easier by the kind and friendly presence of mr inky. I couldn't say much since I had a bad case of laryngitis - not psychosomatic, by the way. Then, this afternoon, I bumped into my nephew on the bus.

    The sun came out and I'm feeling happier than I've done in years!

    To anyone estranged from family because of old rows, please swallow your pride and make a move.

  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Great news Inky!

    Who made the move in your case?
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Me, actually. I just thought f"ck it, picked up the phone and calmly asked him to meet me.

    We met on neutral ground and I barely said anything because of my laryngitis.

    I'm so happy!
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Mr inky and my brother get on well, which really helped. Not to mention that we all love our cricket.
  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I really hope that this thread can help even just a few people get over themselves. Otherwise, what do we have? A plague on our houses, and for what?
  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    That is a great story (well a nice end to an unhappy event). Thank you for sharing it.

    Did anything trigger your "f'ck it" moment? Good on you! Hopefully it will be a happy continuing story, do keep us updated.
  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Many thinks, corwbob. You're very kind. I can't give any more details, though a lot of people on here know how sad this situation has made me.

    What triggered the f+ck it moment? Exasperation, mainly, and the idea that I had nothing to lose, I suppose.
  8. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    That and the fact that I love my brother.
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    That's fabulous! Hold that feeling.
  10. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Yes, I will. Early days but the best ting is that he said to mr inky to get in touch next time we're in brum.

    Edgbaston tickets, I think, so we won't have to talk too much...

    Anyway, the main reason I've posted this is that I want other people to swallow their pride and mend the wounds that, if they don't, will split families for generations.
  11. tidal

    tidal New commenter

    I hope I can say that that probably took more effort than you make out Inky

    I'm glad you made the step
  12. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Thank you, dear friend. It wasn't easy but the combination of mr inky and laryngitis made it all a lot easier. I'm so happy that my brother and I are en route to being reconciled! Small steps, of course.
  13. Dragonlady30

    Dragonlady30 Star commenter

    Someone I know has done something similar recently after being 'encouraged' by one of their cousins. They are all so much happier.

    Good luck, Inky.
  14. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    To anyone who thinks that real friendships can't be made on this site, let me say that tidal is one of the most decent and kindest people you could ever meet,.
  15. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    Lovely inky and it says a lot about you that you took the step. It is a difficult thing to do - I know.

    My mum's only sister, 10 years younger, married her 2nd husband when my cousin was 11. This man alienated her slowly from her elder son and from the family. They moved to south Devon and I can remember my mum crying over the fact that she hadn't been given an address or even a phone no. Contact was reestablished " all an oversight" of course.

    Where I came in is that she didn't come up for my mum's funeral. I could not forgive her for that. My cousin came and seemed so uncomfortable about his mother's absence.

    I didn't speak to her for a long time and to this day I am not sure what caused me to ring her but I did phone a couple of times before her death. I would like to say I did the better thing in phoning but in my heart I knew, as did she probably, that I had not forgiven her.
  16. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Even though I've never met him!
  17. HelenREMfan

    HelenREMfan Star commenter

    We know inky BUT...... he can be very too independently irritating too!!!!!!!
  18. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    That's tidal.
  19. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    He's one of my heroes, and he shares with mr inky a natural gallantry. I don't care how irritating he can be. He's kind, and kindness is the highest virtue to my mind.

    And shove off, tidal - I don't want you getting too big for your boots! You're a proper rotter, you know.
  20. MrsArmitage

    MrsArmitage Occasional commenter

    I'm glad it all went well, Inky. You are right about this winding its way down the generations; my dad recently met his half sister who was estranged from one half of her family 70 years ago because of 'something someone said'. As a result, neither of them knew the other existed for decades.

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