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Discussion in 'Personal' started by Rabbity, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Happy new year to all.
    I went to bed early and didn't have too much to drink last night. So why do I feel as I stayed up partying all night? Headache, sweaty - there's no justice!
    I hope that those of you who DID have a massive session feel better than I do!
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Probably influenza.
  3. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Headachey here and massively tired, went to bed at 9, but was awake half the night with TN pain!!
  4. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I deserve my hangover but it doesn't make it any better. You can at least rail at the injustice.
  5. I was up till 2am drinking wine, but OH and I shared a late night pizza and apart from a major lie in this morning (Only just got up...) and an achey shoulder from playing bowling on the kinect, I feel fine!
  6. I was in bed by 9 - but that was 9 in the morning. I now feel as though death might be the kindest option for me.
  7. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    A bit groggy. Went a walk first thing then fell asleep in front of Mark Watson DVD and have just eaten half a box of chocolate biscuits. Sounds like a good NY Day to me. Don't plan to move much more today.

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