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Handwriting - pencil grips

Discussion in 'English' started by ash_1507, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Hi, I was wondering whether anyone is able to help me. My SENCo gave me a pencil grip to help children who were struggling. Unfortunately she is no longer at our school. I have this one pencil grip and don't know where to find anymore and they're great!
    Couldn't work out if I could attach a picture so I'll have to describe it (sorry in advance!) The grip has two parts, one part slides on the pencil to hold the grip in place. From that part there is a large circular hole to fit your index finger through. The child can't move their finger any other way, it keeps them in the correct pincer grip. I can't find it in any catalogues or on the internet because I don't know what it is called. Has anyone any idea?
    Any help would be great!
    Thank you!!
  2. Have you tried TTS?

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