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handwriting/letter formation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by RJR_38, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. tricky7

    tricky7 New commenter

    Hi Mac

    Thanks for that. We have the KBER disk and are using the cursive font from this. I have also found that layed writing CDROM and want to order it to have a look.

    So how are you going about it in Reception ?? We started last week with working on children with letters in their names in a multi sensory way - we used chalks outside, painting letters in water and small sand trays. We are going to continue provide lots of different opportunities to work on this. It is hard for some children who can already write their name.

    What is your policy in Reception ? We are looking at forming cursive letters and leaving spaces in between and children who are ready to join may join. However when writing sentences later in the year I can see it being hard for the children to distinguish between gaps for letters and finger spaces. Do you use any other particular resources ?

  2. tricky7

    tricky7 New commenter

    Hi Mac again

    That resource is great. Which font have you used for those letters there - as the gaps between the letters are only small - is that KBER ?

    I love the story for turning the key - is there a similar story you could let me know for Mr Tall Man, Jack and Jill and the other characters, I take it that when you do the b and p they do not do the curls on those letters

    Thanks again for your help
  3. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Tricky the p and bs don't have the full spirals. While doing the correct letter formation to keep the patterns as an additional activity. When they lose interest in them we stop using them. During free choice we often see the children using the patterns. If you have a less confident child it's a good handwriting activitty for them until they gain control and giev the other letters a try. That's the basic story line. I tend to adapt to what the current children suggest. WE've often used the whole thing as a prompt for other story writing activities. The children will often take the story further and come up with suggestions about what happens.
  4. tricky7

    tricky7 New commenter


    The idea is really good and I can see it working as they will relate to " Copy Cat ". I can see it also making a nice display. So when you do stories you just adapt them to the different letters. It is just the 4 characters that come to the door of the castle - spider, jack and jill, mr tall man and short man and copy cat stays on his wall ?? So is m, n etc with Mr short man ?? and what about s

    Sorry for the all the questions...
  5. mac64

    mac64 New commenter

    Tricky7 and anyone else... I'm not sure whether this link would be useful but this is part of the Magic Land set (rulings with Copy Cat). If anyone has any ideas as to how to develop further I would appreciate some input. This resource is about 8 years old so I'm sort of stuck.

  6. tog


    Thanks for all the links mac64 - I am very concerned at the poor level of letter formation skills in my new Y1 class and this thread has come just at the right time, lots of useful tips and information. Love the Magic Land ideas - thanks very much.

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