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Handball scheme of work

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by gmilesy77, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. If it is not a problem could i also get a copy of the handball SoW? im an NQT and my PE dept are starting it this term - would be great if i could take the lead with its delivery.


    Thanks in advance!
  2. hi there,

    I took some handball lessons last year, and did a sport education approach with the year 10s but with no SOW, if it is possible would someone please be able to send me a SOW.
    Many thanks in advance, although I have taken a few lessons it would be great to have some structure from a SOW.
    Many thanks again,
  3. Would love a copy of the scheme of work as looking for new activities for KS4

    Many thanks in anticipation

  4. Hi,

    Could someone please send me a copy aswell.
    Many Thanks
  5. Hello everybody
    I had a look in TES resources to see if I could find any handball resources and I only found one about Handball rules, but I thought it might be useful.
    Handball rules
    Best wishes
  6. Sorry to hop on the bandwagon but please could you send me a copy of the handball SOW, I have done a few lessons with the KS4 pupils, but would like to intergrate it into the earlier years.

  7. I've drafted up a SOW (yr 10) for handball as part of my GTP course and have a few ideas on activites etc. I've tried it with yr 7, yr 9 and yr 10's. The pupils took to the game pretty well, with a little bit of resisitance from the yr 10's. Well worth trying though.
    Give me a shout - lyndonjones76@hotmail.com
    Also take a look at http://www.dragoerhb.dk/e_index.html

  8. Hi
    sounds good. Can you send me a cop please
  9. Hi guys....could someone please forward me a handball SOW at all please??. i have SOW's for 16 activities including individual lesson plans for each activity from y7-11 so i can help you out too....cheers
  10. Hiya

    I would greatly appriciate if you could forward me your scheme of work for handball.


  11. Hi
    I would also greatly appreciate if someone could forward me the handball scheme of work for handball. I have schemes of work in a range of activities if you would like to do a trade. My email address is p.r.lambert@hotmail.co.uk.

    Many thanks
  12. Hi

    Would be eternally grateful if you could send me too.

    Million ThankSSSS !
  13. If anyone at all in this forum wants documents on Handball, I have posted a selection of resources along with a unit of work and easy to follow rule guide in my resources.

    Please rate and comment if downloading.



  14. Fantastic response to promoting handball. I've no experience whatsoever but am inspired to watch a few games on TV now I've read this. Handball is very popular here in Scandinavia. Best of luck to everyone keen to develop what I know to be a huge game in Europe. So encouraging to skip through a really positive thread and see so many positive inquiries.
  15. Hi could you please send me a copy of these schemes - we have a new sports hall and i have especially had handball marked out so now need to see how it all works!
    my email address is simon.jervis@skinners-school.org.uk.
    Many thanks in advance
  16. Hi,
    Would it be possible if you could forward your handball SoW to me please.
    Many thanks

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