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half term guilt!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by thequillguy, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    Consider setting a limited amount of time for each task. If you don't how long something will take - like marking a class-set of books, do it for 20-30 mins and see how much you get done and extrapolate how long the rest might take.

    If you don't want to be so precise, then split day into morning, afternoon and evening, and work two out of the three to be working 'hard,' but play it by ear. If you don't get some time to nurture yourself, what will you have left to play the game of being-a-teacher?
  2. I'm an NQT and I feel the exact same guilt sometimes for a different reason. I feel guilty cos I'm not doing the work! It took me the weekend to stop worrying about work- after many sleepless nights!
    My department and my friends at school have told me not to work so much and that I need to take the time off. (We get two weeks) so im giving myself about a week and a 1/2 to do all my chilling out and relaxing.
    You need to take some time for you, don't stress, go out on day trips, see friends, give yourself enough time to do the work and balance it. Cos theres 7 weeks til the next time off period.
    Hope that helps
    and remember to give yourself at least one day off on the weekends when you are working in the week to allow yourself to munch on ben and jerry's and drink some wineand ofc Xfactor or Strictly!
  3. great advice everyone! Going to get my head down....have been putting it off ALL WEEK!
  4. I did my NQT year last year and you must take some time off at half terms! I went away for a couple of days this time to make sure I got a break away from everything. I set by one day and another afternoon to work, and what didn't get done during that time just didn't get done. You can alsways find more things to do of you keep going at it.
  5. Sorry, but I'm refusing to feel guilty for taking a holiday! I did the usual amount of work for a weekend over the first weekend, went away from Monday-Thursday, and then spent Friday doing everything I needed to. Because I'd only allowed myself that one day, I found I was a lot more productive anyway. Admittidly, I did quite a lot of work yesterday in the end, but that was more because I got excited about a new project idea than because it was on the to-do list! I've left myself with roughly 2 hours of work for this evening (a bit less than an average Sunday night!), and feel incredibly "ready" for tomorrow.

    Rest is important - I'm taking any and all chances!
  6. I wish I was working. I still don't have a job! Please don't complain.
  7. I found the first half term really tough. I have a bottom set mixed class with high EAL and behavioural issues aplenty and I struggled.
    I was convinced I didn't like my class, I didn't know if I could last the year, but I went back in this week looking forward to seeing them and starting a new half term, so I must be bogged down by the stress and not looking at the bigger picture.
    I did most of my work Monday and Tuesday, then avoided marking all week...and still haven't done it all (been back 3 days, oops!) But, I needed that break and I feel better for it.
  8. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Hi all, I only started this week in my first NQT role but was given all class information before half term and have to admit that I didn't do a thing over half term!!
    Now I am in the role I am worried I am not working enough?! I am only 3.5 days a week and teach 14 lessons. But 4 hours are PSHE and the lesson plans are already written by that department so I have nothing to do there apart from turn up and teach!
    I then teach a Year 10 group and Year 11 group for 5 hours a week each. The Year 10 are continuing with controlled coursework and so I am literally just facilitating this and will need to start planning their lessons for the new unit in a couple of weeks. For Year 11 I have started teaching a unit which I taught last year for my PGCE!! I have used all my lesson plans and resources from that time and just tweeked them to improve them.
    I know that I will have some Year 10 and Year 11 marking once their units come to an end, but at the moment I literally have nothing to do of an evening/weekend! Is this normal or am I missing something........Maybe it is because I am part time?
  9. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    maybe as you have more time to plan etc at home... enjoy it while it lasts as you will be marking all that controlled coursework I presume?? What fun!! Just plan in advance as much as you can!

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