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half past four is not the morning!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. I was going to ask about blackouts- the room may be getting very light at this point and the sun will be waking her up. We put the stick-on blackout blind thing up and she is up at 7-8 now. Much better than first light!
  2. Yes, blackout already in place. There are a lot of birds making a lot of noise, so maybe I can blame them! Especially as she slept til 6.30 while we away somewhere else this weekend! The only other thing I can think of is limiting late afternoon sleep. While we were away we were out and about so she hadn't slept since about 2.30 in the afternoon and went down at 6 for nearly 13 hours. Yesterday she was up until 7.30 in the evening and woke at 4.30 (with only a 20 min nap so far... it's going to be a long day!) but had an hour's sleep between 4.00 and 5.00 yesterday afternoon.
    I don't know! But I do think controlled crying is going to happen- after trying a nappy change, water drink and a milk feed!
  3. Have to say the controlled crying worked for us too. Some family or friends might judge (usually friends without any children of their own!) I wouldn't tell them next time.
    It works and it feels great to get a good nights sleep. Occasionally needs a night feed but this is only usually during growth spurts or teeth coming through.
    It is difficult to leave them but the result is oh so worth it. Good for LO too as once they learn and sleep more they become more rested and are much happier during waking hours as not grumping as they have not had enough sleep.
    Good luck (and good luck going back to work too, be me soon[​IMG])
  4. 4:45 here! LO is 8 months exactly and has previously slept through until 7:30! I find early starts more draining than broken nights! I think of everything as a phase, although I am going back to work as well next week so we'll see how it goes! Sharing your pain [​IMG]
  5. That does sound a bit much, so late in the day. Could you cut her late afternoon, so that she only has half an hour? Also, could you try not rushing in straight away when she cries? Fingers crossed she might drop back off to sleep?
    I hope she starts sleeping longer for you. If it makes you feel any better, my LO (16 months) has been through loads of phases of early wakings, usually lasting no more than three weeks or so.
  6. I completely feel your pain. My babies are 5 and a half months. I have one twin who sleeps through until 8 am and needs to be woken up and the other who wakes at any time from 3.30 am wanting to play. I can't do the controlled crying thing as I'll just wake the other one. Until yesterday I was putting her in bed with me but tried this morning giving her a few sips of milk in her bed without getting her up and then puttting a dummy in. She went back to sleep. I'm not saying this will work or anything but it's something I'm going to try. Someone else has told me to give up the dummies though! I'm hoping its just a phase and might be to do with it being mid summer or something.
  7. PS:: Mrs Fab: Fab link.
  8. Well, she woke at 5 today (so early bed didn't really help much) but I left her and she went back to sleep (or at least quiet!) until 6.20 when daddy's alarm clock woke her. I think the trouble is when it is so hot we have to have her window and door open to keep a breeze going through, so the blackout blind doesn't help much and the birds sing at 3.30! I guess she will either grow out of it or it will start to get dark again!
    Sammi- how you do this with two I will never know! You have my utmost admiration!
  9. Oh, and I don't need the dummy option as she sucks her thumb- doesn't help much though!
  10. My son is 22 months and still does this. He has black out blinds and curtains, we have tried sleep books, sleep clinics, later naps, earlier naps. Nothing works.
    Some children need less sleep. I just keep being told it won't last forever. It feels like it though!
  11. I feel your pain too! My LO is 9 months and has been going through an early waking phase for a while now. We thought it was because we dropped his dreamfeed, but then we started it again and he's still up early!! We have tried all sorts, later bedtime, earlier bedtime, faster teat size so he has more milk before bed, hungry milk at bedtime feed etc etc. It actually doesn't seem to be hunger with him as for the past few nights he has refused his bedtime bottle completely and has still not woken for a feed in the night. My friend and my sister's LOs are 6 and 10 months and they have both been doing this too so I think it must be the bright sunshine early in the morning, the heat and the bl00dy birds singing!! We move house soon and I am sooooo hoping that there are no nesting birds nearby!!
  12. Oh and when it really starts to get me down I just look forward to the teenage years when he won't want to get out of bed AND I AM GOING TO MAKE HIM!!!![​IMG]
  13. Haha bruno! I just popped on here to say, half past four is not the morning, and half past seven IS the night!! Go to sleep you little monkey ;-)
  14. Yup, 7.30 is definitely night time here. I know someone who puts her 8 month old to bed when they go at 11 because if she puts him to bed earlier she misses him. I suggested peeping at him when he was asleep...

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