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Half hour literacy lesson on minibeasts-help!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by topgirl1, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. topgirl1

    topgirl1 Occasional commenter

    can anyone offer me any inspiration please-I have an interview on Monday and as part of my interview need to teach a FS literacy lesson-I think a mixture of FS1/2 (very last minute notice!! Friday at 4.30pm!!)

    Using the book Munch, Munch Munch as my focus by Norma Gentner
    Thought I could introduce the digraph ch and possibly do a bit of phonics, using whiteboards and writing ryhming strings
    possibly making hats with sounds on and using children to segment and blend
    not sure what else I could do and beginning to panick slightly so any suggestions most gratefully received
    Many thanks
  2. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    I'd avoid any writing, as you dont know the children. Try to make it 'fun' based. Im not too familiar with the story-is it about a caterpillar?

  3. clawdeer

    clawdeer New commenter

    What if you do a guided read of your book, and then an oral retell / act out? does it deal with the metamorphosis bit? we've just done the very hungry caterpillar, and part of our work was reading it together (we used the interactive whiteboard, and i found some animated versions on youtube, and one was the board book, with the pages turning etc). then we retold it, and we also acted it out on the carpet, rolled up like a ball to be the little egg on a leaf, crawled around looking for food, wraped selves up in a cocoon, and then flapping arms to be the beautiful butterfly. we had fun - but i know my class, so could judge how excited they'd get by crawling etc.

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